The art of caring for nails and feet

Attention to nails and toes, no less important than caring hands. Translated from the French, pedicure means care of feet feet. This procedure includes getting rid of calluses, exfoliation, buffing of the nails. Orderly fashion nails on Rokach and feet, Kaida woman raises not only your mood, but also self-esteem. […]

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The key to quality manicure

Job masters of nail service associated with a risk for vision, especially in the artistic decoration of the nails, removal of cuticle and other delicate work. Therefore, special importance in the organization of the workplace manicure Cabinet is to create optimal light levels. In the office there should be natural light, the main and additional light. Often, for better and safe performance of the work used lamp […]

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What do women want? Continued

Britain in the early twentieth century, Britain was considered the center of plastic surgery. Here came the best specialists and the most famous beauties from all over Europe. Now it is not so. If in Paris, there are over 200 of surgeons-plastics, then in London only 40. Women primarily increase the volume of the chest and hold facelift. And increasingly, they’re going to do it […] Read More →

French manicure in a simple implementation

You know, how did the French? By all means accentuate the feminine beauty, always been invented because of a pressing need, and a jacket proof. In the 80 years of the film industry of Hollywood was faced with a daunting task. Frequent change of styles of paintings made Actresses constantly change the color and shape of nails. One of the Directors turned to the enterprising founder of the company “orly”, which was Jeff Pink, the request […]

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What do women want?

If the flu virus mostly comes to us from the East, fashion and a different sort of revolution from the West. As you remember, feminization, sexual revolution also came. Not hard to imagine that the fashion for “man-made” beauty in a year or two will also come to us. So, men, get ready for new expenses, and public opinion to a new fashion! The United States […] Read More →

Nail Polish: beauty pack

In creating spectacular and stylish manicure very important role played by the quality of the nail varnish. Then nails look more beautiful and perfect. And for that you need the best nail Polish. Such cosmetic will not only please the eye with intense color, but also to take care of the nail plate and cuticle area. Remember that nail Polish […] Read More →

Fashionable women's coat

It is still early to fully undress and enjoy light variations, so designers focus on the new trend outerwear. In particular, we are talking about fashionable women’s coat. Judging from all the trendy criteria, we can safely say that most fashion is the trench coat. This model gladdens with classic English silhouette, which strikingly enhance any women’s […] Read More →

Lose weight for the New year

Not much time left before the New Year. Girls already start thinking about your holiday way, a lot of important value, which plays slender figure. And here the problems begin. Extra pounds do not give sleep, and the holiday is approaching. Do not despair! Got a few months to get in shape. The main thing – to act […]

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Smart watches are becoming popular

The creators of Agent was the initial goal to raise $100 000. However, their project turned out to be a blockbuster and in the end they collected more than $1 million. The initial amount of $100 000 was collected for some 11 hours after the start of the project on Kickstarter. Money to develop gave 5 thousand 685 people, each of which has the opportunity to buy a luxury watch in […] Read More →

TOP 10 unusual hotels and guest house Russia

In search of new experiences, tourists often want to settle down in some non-standard place… for Example in a hotel, having the form of geodesic domes and inspiring creativity and emotions. TRN presents the TOP 10 most unusual hotels and guest house Russia, compiled using the resource of online accommodation booking TVIL.RU. It is in these secret places prefer to stay fans of originality and exclusivity. 1.The hotel […] Read More →