Антитренды зимы 2013-2014Hello. The creators of the blog bojina.ru very concerned for their readers. We really want You to be the most beautiful and fashionable, so have prepared for You an interesting article.

Thanks to fashion shows and demonstration of new collections of the world will learn about fashion updates clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. Most of the apprehended with enthusiasm and нахлынувшим desire sure to buy some of the fashion trends.

However, there are situations where not all the fancy things women and fashion critics perceive on «hurrah». Such things have received the name антитрендов that characterizes them as objects not suitable for use.

Baggy, shapeless trousers

In the 80s peak of popularity took use of baggy cropped trousers by a wide belt. However, now some famous designers such trousers were included in the collection. Special absurdity differ leather grey-blue model press from Chloe. Status антитренда belongs to them.

If you want to know about what is in Vogue today, read fashion blog where are collected the most current trends.

Fur skirt

Many fashion houses have included in their collections such a garment. Among them are Fendi, Christian Siriano’s and Alexander Wang. This is the most impractical, skirts, what can be. Not only that in them hot, so they are able to implement even the skinny girls.

Camouflage print in clothes

Fashion podiums for many seasons are full of clothes милитаристического style. However, according to some fashion critics, камуфляжному принту in the traditional color khaki inherent excessive brutality. Therefore, the upcoming winter it is better to avoid camouflage colors.

Velvet clothes

New season marked the velvet most popular material. However, be fully dressed in a velvet dress is not recommended. Velvet clothing gives excessive pomposity, therefore, for everyday a better option Creplace it jacquard fabrics.

«Sleeping» outfits

Many brands include in their collections of clothes, which are comparable with the night shirts or pyjamas. A lot of women choose this outfit for the visiting public places.

Earrings in the form of the candelabra

The use of heavy long earrings become fashionable not so long ago. But today their position gradually give up. On the advice of stylists in the upcoming season too massive earrings with the presence of large stones or suspensions better replaced by more benign ways.

Boots «stockings»

Rudeness and height of these boots can visually shorten the legs, different symmetry. Moreover, they may emphasize the shortcomings themselves feet.

However, everyone has different tastes. Therefore, much of the listed anti-trending things some fashion fans might like it.

That’s all. Now You know what is to abandon this winter to become more fashionable. We wish you good luck.

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