Recently fashion jewelry is undergoing significant changes. Designers are increasingly experimenting both material and with the form, creating fancy, fancy decorations.
Каффы 3
Каффы is an attractive, unusual decoration for the ears, which is becoming increasingly popular. Fastens it, unlike earrings, not lobe of the ear, and the clip over the middle ear or a little higher, which does not allow him to fall throughout the day. It can put even the people who have ears pierced. Thanks to the fixing it becomes possible to carry great decoration, studded with precious stones, as the weight, in this case, is distributed throughout the ear evenly. Any discomfort when wearing these ornaments does not occur.

It is important to note that каффы – not always paired. Some models spectacular look at one ear Can find a huge number of design solutions of this decoration. They can be of different sizes as large (their length reaches shoulder), massive, and tiny. They can be elegant, graceful, fanciful and outrageous. They put not only on the official event or party, but to a business appointment in the office of the College.

Каффы are made of gold, silver, bronze, platinum, inexpensive metal alloys. Many models on the covers of different stones, sequins, chains, pearls, glass beads, making them even more attractive. They are in the form of figurines of animals (snakes, serpents, frogs), neutral form (vine, flower, beautiful curls). Some models are decorated not only with ears, but whisky.
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These spectacular and original decoration perfectly combines with the youth, ethnic, informal style of service and an elegant, romantic, feminine.

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