Seemingly there is nothing easier than mechanical influence on an organism to help it to get rid of excess weight. To completely empty the contents of the digestive tract, not give internalize the harmful substances and «exile» of harmful toxins can cause vomiting or an enema. Far from pleasant procedures often find an alternative use of laxatives. Many already know that Лавакол for weight loss is good in that it violates the intestinal microflora and much cheaper than similar medicines. But not all so is simple.

The composition and function

The main component Лавакола causing his strong laxative effect – macrogol. Component prevents the absorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract, thereby accelerated the «evacuation» of intestinal contents. The first urge to defecate occur already after 4-5 hours after taking the first portions of a powder. However, this figure was averaged. So, the more the body is «dirty» because of a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, the longer it takes the medicine to start working.

Macrogol used in such analogues Лавакола as Транзипег and Фортранс. By the way the latter drug is widely advertised and is much more expensive. In fact, need to pay more for «brand» no. All these tools are on missions in the same way – quickly and completely withdraw переваренную food from the intestines. The fats and other nutrients are simply do not have time assimilated. So the effect of weight loss really present but insignificant. Available in problem areas «rollers» and «ears» are not going anywhere.

Instruction for use

How to take Лавакол to lose weight? In the annotations to the drug said that one package with the powder is necessary to dissolve in full glass of water (200 ml). You can prepare at once daily dose – 3 liters of solution. Accepted means of batching every 20-30 minutes in the period from 14 to 19 hours. An important point to while cleaning the bowel should abandon solid food. So the whole day you will have to «feed» the tea, juices and other beverages. You can cook broths and soups.

Quantity of liquid should be sufficient so as not to provoke dehydration. Be ready, that your digestive tract «rebel»that will be revealed as such side effects as nausea, vomiting, heaviness in the abdomen. May be dizziness, ‘ black spots before the eyes, fainting.

In the instructions to the Леваколу are direct indications to its application – preparation of the intestine to рентгенологическому research, surgery, colonoscopy. But for some reason, many would like to believe that it is this easy and inexpensive drug helps in losing weight. In fact, neither frequent bowel movements, nor breach the process intake of fat and carbohydrates from food may not give a long-term effect. Yes, you can organize an effective cleaning of fecal masses, resulting in even lose 1-2 kg of Lost will return in the near future.

In any case, laxatives pills and powders, as the saying goes «you can’t go far». If you practice this cleanup constantly, seriously подорвете their health. Not only hated carbohydrates and fats are not digested, but also all the vital vitamins and minerals. But the terrible not only beriberi, but that you discipline your bowels «lazy», so that after discontinuation of the drug he will be hard again learn to work without assistance.

We should not forget that you are dealing with the drug. See your doctor to confirm the failure to have such contraindications to the use Левакола, bowel obstruction, stenoses stomach, greatly weakened state and dehydration, chronic cardiac and renal failure, ulcerous illness of stomach and intestine, and other


Anna, 32 years. As a cosmetologist I can say that it was due to «littered» organism often occurs not only lose weight but and skin problems. The tool I often recommend that people with acne, pimples and inflammation on his face. But I must say that Лавакол – powerful thing, serious and it is completely unsuitable for self-treatment. Only a specialist can assign adequate dosing depending on your weight and health. And to make a solution of 3 liters all without distinction – is not the case.

Sonia, 30 years. Drug Лавакол took to prepare for a colonoscopy. By the way, thanks to this procedure is not so terrible, as many tell. So I recommend to everyone. With regard to weight loss, I think that this drug is an unnecessary risk and negatively affects the health of the digestive tract.

Vasilisa, 29 years. Was choosing a long time, that it is better to choose – Лавакол or Фортранс. Both, like, help to deeply cleanse the bowel. Consulted with the doctor, in the end, chose the first drug. First, dosage comfortable. Secondly, непротивный taste. Thirdly, does not violate microflora. Fourthly, not as advertised, and therefore cheap.

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