All women know that no one even super fashionable ink, as though it was advertised by the manufacturers, not able to turn your eyelashes luxuriously velvet, long and thick at the same time.

If we talk about the gorgeous thick, long ресничках, in most cases meant accrued, rather than natural eyelashes. But slightly large percentage must be kept for a gift of nature. Women with beautiful nature eyelashes, this publication is unlikely to be useful in the future. And for the girls who want to save their time and do not want every day to dye eyelashes, we recommend to learn how to build the eyelashes, as required by work beautician.
Нарастим ресницы дома1
Extended eyelashes give a view of great expressiveness, and themselves eyes become more attractive. If you go to the beauty shop, the real masters, at most, a couple of hours, and you will conquer the male gender only of only one eye. Quite another matter that not all contemporary women have the time or sufficient income to visit the masters of salon. But there is an alternative salon eyelash is building the house. It can work as wealthy businesswoman, which have no free time to visit salons, and, young mother, which has no such opportunity to visit a beauty.
Eyelash not considered sufficiently complicated procedure, which is very similar to the usual gluing artificial eyelashes, the only difference is that the eyelash extensions it is necessary to stick to one thing, not one wave.
Нарастим ресницы дома
Eyelash at home – it is indeed cheaper if you compare with increasing eyelashes and experienced master. But they should not try to save on quality of materials and buy cheap. So, to release a couple of hours of your time, buy glue and eyelashes, invite a friend to help, and you just close your eyes and relax. Good luck.

Article publication date: November 12, 2013

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