цветотип осеньIf you are familiar with the theory of seasonal цветотипов, you know that according to the tone of the skin, hair and eye color, people are divided into four types, names of which are correlated with the seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. What women is inherent цветотип autumn?


What is she, a woman-«autumn»?

цветотип осеньFor women of autumn is characterized by diverse shades and colors, although the basic colors you can in this case be considered shades and variations of the bronze color. The eyes of the «autumn» beauties can be green, green-grey, brown, with honey-coloured, blue, and green, brown, with reddish highlights. Pure blue eyes of these women are extremely rare.

The classic autumn type are the red-haired woman, blonde with metallic Shine and brown-haired woman with hair chestnut-brown tones. In some women, the hair color type cast copper. The skin of women-«autumn», as a rule, butter or peach or ivory.

Inside the color type «autumn» there are three main types:

  • Autumn type «metallic»: the representatives of this type of red hair, the overall color palette these women can be described as a combination of net and saturated colors. Such a woman is associated with the beginning of autumn, when nature begins to change color and пестрить glitter of bright colors. In addition to red, to this type also include women with hair copper or brown with a reddish tinge.
  • Reddish-brown body: women of this type are inherent in a variety of chestnut-brown hair shades, dark red, the color or the color of mahogany. The skin of the representatives of this group slightly смугловата has a soft brown, peach or bronze, but sometimes in this group meets and very light skin. Also characteristic freckles.
  • Bronze or mild autumn type: women of this type are usually brown-haired woman with dark skin, often with a bronze tint. Sometimes the color of the face may be slightly reddish white.


Physical features

цветотип осеньOf course, every woman is an individual and here we provide only basic features, which in some extent inherent in representatives of the color type autumn. Autumn is a bright and vibrant colors, the woman -«autumn» incredibly energetic, confident in its movements, mobile, and inclined to adventures. Many of the «autumn» beauties are distinguished by special grace, they have long legs, long, graceful body, facial features of these women are clearly delineated, and a special focus often on the chin. Often the head seems a little high compared with the proportions of the body. Usually the face of such women are very expressive and this is the first thing to notice around at a meeting with them.


Features of character

цветотип осеньWomen related to the type of «autumn» cheerful and energetic, sometimes prone to dramatic, and the adoption of hasty decisions. The woman-«autumn» always have my own opinion, it can clearly say what she likes, and that is unacceptable to them. Independence and independence of judgment, perhaps, you can select both its main characteristics. Autumn type of women-leaders, they overcome step by step on the career ladder and always strive forward. Household and family troubles such a woman always a little, she’s looking for more activity, likes sports and spending time outdoors.

If you belong to the autumn цветотипу, your color scheme includes the following colors and shades:

  • Brown group: coffee, color camel’s hair, the color of rust, ochre & brown / beige.
  • Yellow group: sun-yellow, the color of corn, orange-yellow, brass, copper, gold.
  • Red group: orange, the color of a ripe tomato, brick, red, salmon, BlackBerry.
  • Green group: olive green, khaki, the reed, the blue-green, cobalt

цветотип осеньColours of the autumn type inherent transparent Shine and bright colors. Women of this type look great in clothes juicy colours, green, copper, bronze, turquoise and cobalt colours. Neutral brown tones in this case, look no less advantageous, especially with shades of terracotta and cinnamon. The orange color is not contraindicated, the least successful in this situation looks red-blue tone, so it is best avoided. In the structure of the autumn colours there are no pure colors, hues and tones are mixed with each other. Nature, of a woman-«autumn» fine emphasize fabric with contrasting prints in the form of leaves, feathers, bands or arrows. Women «autumn» is recommended to wear expensive fabrics with rich finish. Such women are ideal fabric with expressive texture and natural leather. If you like chiffon and lace try to avoid cold blue shades. Stylists not recommended for women autumn color type to wear clothes with floral prints, in an extreme case, this can be bronze orchids or chrysanthemum.

Individual women-«autumn» will perfectly expressive gold jewelry, silver in this case is not the best choice. Ideal stone «autumn» type – amber.

When choosing lipstick «autumn» ladies should avoid red with cold blue shade, replacing them with red-orange or terracotta lipstick.

Women of this type are suitable persistent perfumes, with spicy and Eastern flavour.

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