цветотип весна Кейт ХадсонSpring is bright red tulips and yellow daffodils, fresh green leaves and pale cream and peach tones of flowering trees. Цветотип spring for women is bright-blue, green-blue, blue-gray or light brown eyes, hair painted in Golden-yellow or light-brown tones, skin – peach or ivory.

If we talk about the physical peculiarities of the given type, can be traced back several key characteristics, extent or another, expressed in the fair spring type. They have soft, rounded facial features, charming detail – dimples. The person most often round or oval. Woman – spring rarely seen frowning, she often smiles and radiates a positive. The spring type pleasant rounded shapes of the figures, but often spring beauty is a tall and slim woman.


Nature, of a woman-spring

цветотип весна Хизер Грэм

Heather Graham

It seems that in the nature of women-spring reflected playful rays of the sun, it is pleasant in dialogue, the likes spontaneity, and, as a rule, produces an impression of the cheerful and open person. Her wide open to everything new soul, and because of their nature, the woman often looks considerably younger than his age. She quickly find a common language with other people, not very fond of the stiff and formal events, preferring easy communication with close friends and close minded people.

Woman of the spring type like holidays in the family circle, it is open and talkative, but does not like to talk about their own problems and troubles. A representative of this Tepa easily irritated, sometimes for nothing, but quickly depart. Woman-spring a good job, which is related to communication, it feels fine in the sphere of public relations or in the work of the social services.


Colors and shades

цветотип весна Бриттани Сноу

Brittany Snow

Each цветотипу corresponds to a certain set of colors and shades, which emphasizes the unique appearance of this type, and the woman-spring also has its own palette. These colors stylists and makeup artists recommend the use of makeup, clothes, and accessories.

Women of this type are very soft and delicate shades of the color of champagne, cream white and color of raw wool. From the brown palette special attention should be paid to the brown-beige, brown, cinnamon, walnut and color of camel wool.

The color scheme of spring, is not only a soft, Sunny colors, but the cool blue, and green foliage colors and a clear sky. Woman-spring incredibly go aquamarine, turquoise, light purple and незабудковый color.

цветотип весна Николь Кидман

Nicole Kidman

Red appropriate nearly all women important to find shade of red, which is harmoniously combined with the tone of the skin, color of hair and eyes. In this case, it fits in perfectly color of a ripe tomato, strawberry, salmon and coral shades. Pink gamma representatives of the spring type, perfect peach, apricot, caramel and pink tones.

Green range for women-spring will color green Apple, color juicy spring greenery, mint with a yellowish shade.

In spring bouquets can find a variety of shades of yellow, the color yellow Narcissus, warm and gentle Golden tones, to the same spectrum, but to more saturated range can be attributed, and the orange-yellow color, which is also very goes spring beauties. Beauty of the woman-spring emphasize clean and bright colors, soft gamma and mixing shades in this case does not look very appealing, but what you should avoid is the red-blue shades, dark red, and too busy pink.


Clothes, accessories, cosmetics

цветотип весна Эми Адамс

Amy Adams

If you belong to цветотипу «spring» like fabric with a pattern, then choose a fabric with prints in the form of a circle or thin flower patterns. Special piquancy and freshness of the girls of this type give accessories type brooches or scarves with iridescent luster.

The woman in the spring, the most suitable decoration of light metals with gilding. With dark hair in this case is perfectly combined gold with a greenish tint. Woman-spring is the softness and lightness, so massive decorations better to put aside and choose products a thin and filigree work.

Girl spring type is not dark red lipstick or tone with a bluish tint, prefer the orange-red tones.

No matter how trite it sounds, but the spring type are ideal perfumes with the fresh air notes, floral aromas or smells of fresh herbs.

Цветотип «spring» is conventionally divided into three types: light spring, transparent spring and warm spring.

  • The first type can be attributed appearance Kate Hudson: of the representatives of this type of blue, green, light brown or light brown eyes. Most often it is the blonde, or very bright, or with a Golden hue. Sometimes there are red, but рыжина in this case is soft. Ivory with soft peach or pink shade.
  • The transparent spring. Classical representatives of this class are considered Heather Graham or Brittany snow. For this type of characteristic eyes cyan, green or Topaz, dark brown hair with warm Golden hue and slightly смугловатая leather, peach or even transparent porcelain.
  • Warm spring is Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman and Christina Хэндрикс. Most often of the representatives of this type of eye olive-colored, light-brown or blue. Hair light-brown, with copper tint, and the skin – Golden beige or transparent porcelain shade, often with freckles.

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