Every man needs to look his best. This applies to the condition of nails. Their well-groomed appearance, external beauty is a sign of healthy nails and consequently the condition of the human body. Even if you are a seller, teacher, or just a rural worker, this does not mean that the hands and nails it is possible not to care. Remember, always, wherever you are, whatever you do, grooming, first and foremost. Here’s the main rule of every person
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Only this the desire is not enough that the nails looked decent, you need to exert maximum effort, and sometimes to invest a lot of money. Then the dreams will remain just a dream. But will become a reality. In addition, with this, You will begin to feel much more comfortable than before. After all, in order that the end result has satisfied one hundred and in any case not upset their consequences, and only brought the rapture, thus added together with beautiful nails necessary and contour makeup. This is exactly the touch that will allow you to transform, with a gray mouse on a true lady. Only enough to correct some of the facial features and make a beautiful manicure. The manicure without the basics of cleanliness and care of nails, will never be delightful. So that, anyway, and the Foundation of all foundations, it is clean and well-kept. And nails is no exception.
But, what do you need for this? So first of all this is:
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1. To keep the nails in a constant state of cleanliness.
2. Never bite your nails.
3. The lacquer applied to erase liquid Polish remover.
4. Trim the nails as needed, not to cut the corners of the nails, so they do not grow.
5. To do the bath for nails.
6. Lubricate them with nutrients.
7. Before digging his feet carefully RUB with bar soap. Thus, upon completion of the work, the dirt will be easier to wash off.
8. As needed, the nails can be cleaned with iodine and saline solutions, it will allow the nails to become stronger and not flaky.
9. Periodically to rest the nail varnish.
10. That nails can become stronger a couple of weeks to drink calcium gluconate strengthen them.
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All these procedures are beneficial for the skin, nails, hands, feet and the whole body, nails because throughout life receive the highest percentage of harmful substances. It is therefore worthwhile to make life easier for the nails. Moreover, it is not too difficult. All you need, cleanliness, care and concern.

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