советы по уходу за кожейWhen the skin is not perfect, it’s hard to feel good. You can get any money, but sometimes all you really need is tips for skin care. And amazing tricks that really work, actually not so little.


Cream against diaper rash

Many from time to time on the skin suddenly appear irritated large areas, and you all know how hard it is to hide them. For fast relief of redness, swelling and any pain associated with pimples, apply a little cream for diaper rash, and all the flaws will disappear almost.


Coconut oil

кокосовое масло в уходе за кожейIt is difficult to remove makeup before bedtime? Use coconut oil to remove all traces of makeup. Apply coconut oil with your ring finger because it’s the weakest and have the least pressure to the skin around the eyes.


Couples and fabric

To maximize the effect of the cleanser and exfoliate the skin, you must first open the pores. Take a muslin cloth, large enough to cover my face, wet it in hot water, so that it was steam. Place the fabric on the face, take one deep breath and remove the fabric. Moisten it with hot water again and repeat this a total of three times (and three deep breaths). You will open the pores and soften the skin so that any cosmetic product is well absorbed and does not remain on its surface.


Facial oil

Oily skin may actually be a symptom of dehydration, so not using a moisturizer can really exacerbate the problem. What is the best way to moisturize oily skin? Facial oil. It may sound counterintuitive, but if you apply the oil to your face, the skin do not need to produce extra fat on their own, and this, in turn, balances sebum.



йога в уходе за кожейStress and insufficient blood supply can make the skin dry and dull (not to mention other bad effects that can bring stress). To keep the body and skin under control, try a ten-minute yoga classes once a day. Focus on inverted poses, such as “child’s pose”, “sun salutation” and others. This will increase the blood flow to the face and other parts of the body, and also reduce the stress of a long day.


Salt baths

Every day people are faced with environmental toxins and free radicals that get on the skin, not to mention the toxins that come from food. To help move these toxins out of the skin, make a mixture of Epsom salts, sea salt and baking soda and stir it into a warm bath. Take her twenty minutes, and your skin will thank you.


Black tea

черный чай в уходе за кожейLooking for a natural astringent for oily skin? Brew one Cup of black tea in a bag, and then refrigerate. Apply cold tea on the face, but do not rinse. He will struggle with oily skin, but on the condition that you will do it regularly.


Dandruff shampoo

For especially dry, flaky skin, the solution may be the shampoo. About once or twice a month change your usual cleanser in favour of shampoo against dandruff, to balance the level of yeast in the person, which can cause flaky skin.


The problem with spirits

проблемы с духамиIf you truly enjoy the flavors, you need only two things in life: your perfume was kept all day and a plan of action when you sprayed too much perfume on yourself. To perfume lasted longer, apply vaseline on the wrist, where are you going to spray them. If you overdo it with the spirits, take a cotton pad and a bit of rubbing alcohol and apply on the skin where you sprayed the perfume. The flavor will diminish, but will not go at all.


Cold milk

For sensitive skinthat is easily irritated, soak a washcloth in milk with ice cubes, then wring it out and place on cleansed face for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. With a pH in milk, low temperature fabric and protein leather will feel completely renewed in a few minutes.

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