хитрости для ресницHow to get perfect lashes with the right mascara? You may not know about some interesting techniques that can lift your look to a whole new level. Start using some tricks for eyelashes to get the perfect look with less effort. From extending the life of your mascara and its easy application without lumps before using it as eyeliner.


Refresh your mascara

Old ink becomes thick and uncomfortable to use, but you don’t have to throw it away. Get the most out of your mascara with one of the best methods by simply adding a few drops of saline. While a large part of the carcass just dries up after a few months of use, this simple trick can help you get the most out of the purchase. Eye drops can do the same thing, but make sure you gently rotate the brush to mix the liquid with the dried pigment. If you act on it as they pump, you will receive lumpy ink, and it dries fast again.


Bend your mascara brush

согнутая кисточка для тушиWhile most brushes for mascara completely straight, flexion angle of forty-five degrees can help you achieve a more precise application. Curve brush to give it the right angle, it is particularly useful in order to get the lashes in the inner corners of the eyes.



тушь загустелаIf your ink has thickened, use two of the best technique to achieve benefits from it. First, put the box containing the ink in a Cup of hot water. Heat will affect the consistency of the mascara, making it softer. If the brush is still hard and dry, just wipe it with a paper towel before applying the mascara on the lashes.


Use two types of mascara

If waterproof mascara is difficult to remove, it does not mean that you must use only the regular version of mascara. Just apply it on the lashes layers. To apply the regular mascara, and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara. You will get long lasting result, with a little extra curl lashes, mascara will easily remove.


Add volume to your lashes using baby powder

If you are struggling for getting the correct length and thickness of eyelashes with your usual mascara, try one of the best receptions: baby powder. Apply one coat of mascara and then a coat of baby powder with a cotton swab before adding the second layer of mascara for a more dimensional effect.


Use makeshift protection from the carcass

объемные ресницыApplying mascara from the roots of the lashes to the tips avoiding the eyelids, can be a complex procedure. Take any plastic card or a spoon and hold it under the bottom and top eyelashes, to improve the application of mascara without getting paint on the skin.


Try using a lip brush

Another great way of applying mascara on the lower lashes is one of the best cosmetic techniques. Take a lip brush and wipe the brush for mascara. She’ll take enough pigment to allow you to accurately apply mascara on the lower lashes.


Turn the mascara to eyeliner

нанесение тушиIf you run out of gel eyeliner, mascara can perform double duty. All you need to do is use the brush from the liner to dial the pigment with wands for mascara and apply it as you would use a gel eyeliner.


Apply mascara vertically

Applying mascara with a brush under and above the lash often ignored, but you can also use the stick vertically. This is one of the best tricks despite its simplicity. Simply turn the brush and move it vertically and just a tip, if you want a more natural look eyelashes.


Use a cotton swab to correct mistakes when applying mascara

ватная палочка для ресницIf when applying mascara it gets on the skin of the eyelid, there are two simple tricks that can help you fix this error. The first is to use a cotton swab with a small amount of makeup base. An even more simple solution – use a cotton swab. Just attach one end to the trouble spot and carefully rotate it to remove excess mascara. While the reception with a base under makeup works best with wet mascara, wait until it dries before using a cotton Bud.


Turn your old brush mascara brush eyebrow

Once your mascara is over, don’t throw away the brush from her. Use one of the best cosmetic techniques and wash it with soap and water. It might be a great brush for eyebrows.

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