ошибки в макияжеPerfect makeup is makeup that no one notices. As they say, make-up artists, makeup should not enter the room before you, the purpose of cosmetics emphasize the advantages of appearance, make it more attractive, not vulgar and funny. Unfortunately, this kind of give our appearance clumps of mascara on your eyelashes, uneven and blurred contours eyebrows are too thick layer of Foundation. And very many women and girls allow certain errors in make-up.


Mistake number 1: the dark contour of the lips and bright lipstick

ошибки в макияжеThis combination of colors remained in the 80’s along with спандексом and wild начесами. To make lips look natural, but fresh and tempting, color pencil should not differ much from the natural color of the lips. Circle the contour of the lips, and then carefully fill in all the folds, then cover lips transparent brilliance. If you use dark colors, such as red or purple pencil, again gently draw the outline and накрасьте surface of the lips, and then cover them with brilliance, but in no case bright lipstick.


Bug # 2: path beyond the natural shape of your lips

If you want to visually enhance the lips, put a circle around the lip contour pencil. In no case do not draw the line above or below your natural lip contour. Then накрасьте lipstick and apply a tool that increases the volume of the lips. In the Central zone of the lower lip, apply a small amount of clear gloss when light reflects your lips will feel more full and sensual.


Mistake number 3: painted eyebrows

ошибки в макияжеWomen with thick dense eyebrows in any case, do not edit. In this case, you need a good pair of tweezers for plucking eyebrows and a special gel to subdue unruly hairs. Rare eyebrows, you can make some thicker with powder. Beveled brush, draw a line along the natural curve of the eyebrows, moving to the outer corner of the eye. If you have too thin eyebrows, gently подрисуйте their pencil, causing a short line, then powder the eyebrows.


Mistake # 4: too many tone

Too thick layer of Foundation emphasizes the wrinkles and deprives the skin of the natural splendor. Foundation or base for make-up should be applied only in areas in need of correction tone, not worth it to cover every inch of his face. Buy liquid Foundation, avoid products that promise Matt, velvet or super-resistant coating. Prefer easy liquid formulas. If you dry skin, concealer can exacerbate dryness, therefore, before applying tone sure to grease the face moisturizer.


Mistake # 5: hiding dark circles under the eyes

ошибки в макияжеSolid concealer is intended to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, but at the same time, this tool often draws attention to Mature skin and fine wrinkles in the eye area. Ideally with their work cope liquid concealer brush which consists of reflective particles.


Mistake # 6: powder as the final chord

Young healthy skin perfectly reflects the light. A layer of powder prevents fluorescence and emphasizes the mimic wrinkles and age. If you find it difficult to refuse the use of powder. Try to choose a transparent or translucent powder and apply it all over the face, limit zones in the nose and chin. If you use sugar as matting products, replace it with the packaging of frosting napkins.


Mistake # 7: black eyeliner

ошибки в макияжеEyeliner great way to highlight your eyes, make and brighter and more expressive, but there are some tricks. You should not completely abandon liner, just replace the black eyeliner on brown. Often black looks too sharp and aggressive. Thick line black eyeliner on the top century visually increase the weight of it. Move the upper eyelid brown crayon, try to put the line as close as possible to the lash line, and then gently blend line cotton swab.


Mistake # 8: eyeliner and mascara on the lower eyelashes

Clumsily painted lower lashes create emphasis on dark circles under the eyes. To lashes looked beautifully and carefully, slightly подвейте them and apply a small amount of volume mascara on the roots of eyelashes, only slightly подкрасив tips.


Mistake # 9: a lumpy mascara

To ink does not lie on the eyelashes ugly lumps before applying it, remove the excess mascara with brushes and paint the eyelashes zigzag movements, moving from the base to the top. Until mascara on your eyelashes wet, to separate the cilia from each other and remove lumps, comb it with a special brush. If your goal is thick and lashes, apply another coat of mascara, but remember to re-eyelash comb through each layer.


Mistake # 10: rules applying powder

ошибки в макияжеGentle glow always gives your face fresh and youthful appearance, besides properly cured blush can visually «smart» person. To determine how to properly apply blush, smile, determine the most complete point on the cheeks («apples») and apply the blush slightly above these points. Circular movements gently blend blush toward temples, use a big fluffy brush. Correct movement in the brush will avoid a sharp stroke on the cheeks, which visually makes the thin cheeks and sunken.


Mistake # 11: lipstick from a tube

The natural contours of the lips with age become less clear, therefore, lipstick is easily spread and lubricated. To minimise the risk of breaking the circuit apply the lipstick on the lips with a brush or the finger pad, but not directly from the tube. The bulk of pigment should concentrate in the Central zone, and then gently blend with your finger. For fixing color, apply moisturizing lip balm or light Shine.

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