11 Feminist Shirts That Will Make You Feel Empowered

11 Feminist Shirts That Will Make You Feel Empowered

Photo: Alice and Olivia

There’s no doubt been a reinvigorated fight for feminism in recent years. This renewed battle for women’s rights is represented in more than just the speeches of politicians and community leaders — a new generation of feminists clad with pink pussyhats and slogan t-shirts are using fashion as vehicle to make their voices heard. Even the runways couldn’t escape the trend, with Dior’s monumental showing of their “We should all be feminists” t-shirt that debuted back in September 2016, and models proudly wearing shirts that read, “Our Minds Our Bodies Our Power,” at Prabal Gurung a year later.

Whether you choose to don these powerfully bold shirts during protest or on an everyday basis as a representation of your commitment to keeping up the good fight that is feminism, it’s undoubtedly impressive how a simple garment can influence society, culture, and even politics. And considering that some serious changes could be coming to the Supreme Court, there’s no better time than now to wear your support.

Here are some of our favorite feminist shirts that support the ongoing case for gender equality and equal rights. Slip one on to feel instantly empowered.

Fierce Female Graphic Tee in Heather Gray ($29; modcloth.com)

Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles Tshirt Female Shirt ($14; etsy.com/TheTeeStudio)

Google Ghost Nasty Woman Unisex T-shirt ($25; shrillsociety.com)

Wage Gap Tee, Customizable ($34; femininitees.com)

Rebecca MInkoff GRL PWER Graphic Tank (58; bloomingdales.com)

Alice and Olivia Cicely Classic Cropped Tee ($125; aliceandolivia.com)

The Human Woman Cotton Muscle Tank in Double Print ($22; everlane.com)

Girls Are Strong Adult Tee ($35; oeufnyc.com)

A Woman’s Place Is In The House And Senate Unisex Tee ($16; etsy.com/darkoprintshop)

Feminist Agenda T-Shirt, design by KHallion ($20; teepublic.com)

Notorious RBG Muscle Tank ($25; etsy.com/Emtizee)

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