11 Subtle, Non-Sticky Body Highlighters and Luminizers to Try This Summer

11 Subtle, Non-Sticky Body Highlighters and Luminizers to Try This Summer

Photo: @fentybeauty/Instagram

Between lip gloss, scrunchies and perms, it's safe to say that we can handle a good beauty comeback when the time is right. But that isn't to suggest we aren't ever caught off guard, or even a little hesitant, when they first pop back into relevancy. Take Fenty Beauty's Body Lava — which sold out almost immediately — for example: It took Rihanna and all of her ethereal Instagram glory for us to consider that maybe shimmery body highlighter deserves a second chance in present day. She was right, obviously.

Accepting the revival of the iconic all-over shimmer put us onto the fact that there are actually a ton of newly updated formulas on the market right now that weren't made exclusively for 'tweens. More refined, adult-appropriate versions of the glittery creams and rollerballs that dominated the early 2000's, the options you'll find today are subtle, aiming to add a natural, bronzed or champagne sheen. Most of them are also packed with moisturizing ingredients — like argan and grapeseed oil — that do the job of a lotion, too. Think less streaky, sticky mess and more instantly illuminated, hydrated, dewy skin. The whole smelling like a tropical vacation thing is just an extra perk.

Assuming you're not up for shelling out upwards of $60 for a potentially sketchy bottle of Body Lava on eBay but still want to dabble with this trend this summer, we've pulled together 11 of our favorite options below, starting at just $10. Trust us, your #nofilter vacation Instagrams will thank you.



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