идеи свадебного маникюраDo not be afraid. You are not doomed to wear only French manicure on your wedding day. Unique ideas wedding manicure would be the perfect solution.

Tiny pearls and lace design gives a special style neutral pink manicure with a super shiny finish.

Filigree protective agent for nails – a great and unexpected touch. You will not see this kind of manicure to any other brides in this wedding season.

Horizontal stripes, this fun and Flirty, but the silver and white color scheme makes the nails smooth.

Classic soft pink color changes due to the deposition of dense gold glitter on the tips of fingers.

For unusual or just a creative bride, decorate your nails with something blue and white sketches add hearts to receive cute and appropriate for a wedding.

Gold glitter limiting only one side of each nail, looks cool and has many aspects.

The small triangle faux diamonds on a moon-shaped part of the nail adds a sparkling touch that is fashionable and it can’t be too careful.

The flesh-colored nails with a smooth samples of Chevron, made in white, look cheerful and festive.

Colorful glitter on top of a neutral metal bases hits the target directly.

Samples of white lace over pale pink exquisite.

Pale pinkish beige color never goes beyond style.

Polka dots fits everything and even to the wedding dress.

Who needs jewelry when you can wear the flash of gold on your nails?

If you are looking for something to finish the edges, try replacing flesh-colored lacquer and faux diamonds on the tonal leopard print.

Blue fingertips Tiffany pave the way for “something blue” and are a sign of what kind of jewelry is right for you in the future. One shot you kill two birds with one stone.

When it comes to weddings, it is not enough to wear a dress and style your hair perfectly. You also need to take care of their nails to make them look better. In the end, your hands are the stars of the day, because you wear a ring on the finger…

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