3 самые эффективные процедуры для укрепления ногтейOne of the disappointments of many women is the lack of a strong and enduring nature of nails.

Almost be impossible grow long nails due to the fact that under the influence of external factors, they immediately peeling and chipping.

However, nail care industry would not be perfect if it were not different methods and procedures that can help in solving the problem of weak nails.

The main ones include procedures saloon type, home-like and effective strengthening of the bath.

Common and effective options for strengthening the nail plates remains salon procedure paraffin. The main soft and strengthening component is a special nail wax. He is able to mitigate the nails and make them stronger, more elastic.

During the procedure, the palms are immersed into the molten tolerant of hot wax, which is tightly wraps hands. After processed wax hands are isolated in polyethylene and special Terry insulation рукавичках. After a certain time the wax is removed. This procedure has a positive impact not only on the nails, but also on the skin.

If You want to make manicure, you can try shellac nail, which will last several times longer than conventional Lac.

Homemade treatments

At home are preparing special restorative solution applied on the nails with the provision of the desired effect. To one of such procedures include the application of the nails buttery mixture of glycerin.

For its preparation is mixed in the ratio of 3:1:1 any vegetable oil, lemon juice and glycerin. After thorough mixing, resulting firming balm is applied on the nails through the tassel, in case, like usual varnish.

Procedures for the use of reinforcing baths

This is one of the most enjoyable and effective procedures. The basis for such baths is vegetable oil, which is added a few drops of any essential.

However, to strengthen nails better to give preference to oil of ylang ylang, incense, pine, cedar, patchouli, bergamot, and sandalwood. You can also use chamomile or rosemary.

Effective strengthening baths with sea salt dissolved in warm water parallel with the addition of a few drops of liquid soap or oil broadcasting. The procedure trays nails should take from twenty minutes to half an hour.

In any case, the problem of weak nails can be solved. But, what is the procedure to do this would be chosen, depends purely on individual preference.

In the end I wish to notice, that to strengthen nails do not have to spend a lot of money in beauty salons. Passing by the pharmacy, not too lazy to go into it to find out what natural means contribute to the strengthening of the nail plate.

This can be salts, oils and herbs. Worth all this charm inexpensive, most importantly, to try.

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