Womens handbag real riddle for men, cosmetic bag is not an exception, because it is here that the girl keeps all the necessary things that always allow it look great. However, there is a list of the necessary components of such a functional handbags. Coming in beauty shop the girl should choose not only the cosmetics, but the makeup case. Choose practical and beautiful handbag, which will contain five essential things.
5 необходимых вещей в косметичке1
Concealer is ranked first in the list of the necessary cosmetics. After all, even tone face always gives girl freshness and well-groomed. Women over 40 will also need to take care of a qualitative basis for make-up, age wrinkles easily be hidden.

Mascara – irreplaceable thing, because every girl knows how much it means playful look, and with it the long cilia that are so eager to emphasize the ink. So be sure to put in a beautician black or brown mascara.

Lipstick – bright accent. Many women love red lipstick, however, this color will not be relevant for any event. Prefer a neutral color, this does not mean that the girl can’t buy ten lipstick simultaneously, this means that if you must make a choice and compactly collect handbag in the road, it is better to give preference to one lipstick, which she uses most often.

Perfume for many girls as clothing. Get out of the house naked, means the same thing as not to use before going out aroma favorite perfume. Therefore, and in a beautician a real lady should be good spirits. Not necessarily carry a bottle volume, you can put in her purse probe and during the day to enjoy a pleasant aroma.
5 необходимых вещей в косметичке3
And another important thing is for the ladies this magic wand is a nail file. Even if you are the owner of a long nails, this does not mean that the nails should be in poor condition. At the beautician each girl can be found to nail Polish. Well-groomed hands always attract attention, but dirty and messy обстриженные nails attract attention even more. So always stay beautiful and well-groomed girl, do not give reason for others to doubt your appeal.

These five simple things in your beautician will help you always look good and feel like a real Queen.

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