способы выглядеть вышеIt is impossible to look too high. Even model Jerry Hall, and its growth exceeds 180 centimeters, likes to look up in her black dress with V-neck and black stockings, which continue the line growth.

Often you can hear someone says that he is not fat, it is his legs are too short. Probably, this is a common problem for many of the women who have reached middle age: we all would look taller and slimmer if you were above thirty centimeters. During the fashion shows many wonder how tall and thin look of the model (Yes, they are incredibly thin, but that’s another story). In the world of fashion, at least, higher women always look better in our clothes.

But growth or given to us from a birth, or not Dan: it’s not something you can change through diet or exercise, like many other problems associated with the body. So the best way to look taller and slimmer is to use visual tricks.


The techniques of visual height increase

In the world of fashion there’s a whole process that allows any woman to look taller and slimmer, as many forms – long tunic with leggings, long slim pants, tight-fitting dress and so forth, help to create a longer, more slender silhouettes. Here are a few simple fashion tips that will visually lengthen your image:

  • Choose black or plain things. Although women have long choose entirely black outfits as the correct way to look slimmer, you can also use other colors to create long silhouette. A good choice can be considered as different shades of the same colour: for example, black, silver, gray-violet, shades of gray. You definitely should not shorten your body contrasting colors, if you want to look taller, for example, a white shirt with a black skirt.
  • Select one strong vertical element. Jacket or vest undone buttons can be a strong vertical line, which helps look to slide up and down, not across. The sheath dress is perfect-fitting dresses, creating a strong vertical line. Skinny pants with a blouse-top, long scarfwrapped around his neck which ends dangle freely, and layers long necklaces – all this creates a strong vertical way. Even vertical seams and prints can cause the eyes to move up and down, not horizontally.
  • Wear heels. The best way to visually increase the height is actually to increase growth. Even small heels (four to five inches or so) will improve the silhouette of the most outfits and will give you a more harmonious appearance. Even the boots can make you above: choose simple boots and leggings or skinny jeans in color, to create a long, unbroken line. Try stockings of the same color as your shoes, it’s also visually add your growth. And, of course, if you can really wear high heels, they are the best way to look taller.
  • Try the shoes of corporal color. The trick Hollywood Actresses with infinitely long legs is that you can wear shoes on the bare flesh-colored (or seemingly bare feet. Shoes corporal color looks great with clothes almost any color, and you can even wear it with a very transparent flesh-colored stockings or pantyhose Nude (Diane von Furstenberg uses this trick to make your legs perfect in appearance). Red and black dress look fresh and new, if you wear them in a pair of shoes skin color.
  • Add top with a V-neck. Top with a V-neck visually adds growth and extend the neck. Even if you wear it on top of another piece of clothing (for example, a sweater with a plunging V-neck over a t-shirt), it will lengthen your silhouette and do it better than any other top. The deeper the cut, the greater the illusion of growth.

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