крем гель для душаDue to high content of moisturizing and lipid substances, cream shower gels are designed to care for the skin and not cause her harm. Whether so it actually? How to choose nourishing cream-gel?

People with dry and sensitive skin needs more seriously and be more careful in the choice of detergent for the body. The gel must:

  • clean the skin without damaging or irritating it;
  • moisturize the skin by neutralizing the effects from the effects of lime water;
  • have a calming effect on the skin by means of the formed protective film and nutrient;
  • easy, pleasant to apply and to wash off effortlessly.



гель для душа A-DermaAs indicated on the vial information thick shower gel A-Derma sulfate-free contains oat extract, realba and vegetable oils. His soft, gentle texture with a light floral fragrance provides excellent comfort for dry and sensitive skin. I can say that after using the gel the skin is clean and does not have the feeling of discomfort.


Secret d’amandier

гель для душа Secret d'amandierNourishing shower gel Secret d’amandier from Klorane cleanses the skin, nourishing and protecting it. A combination of tender almond, orange-blossom and Mimosa give the gel a light, seductive fragrance. After testing, it is worth noting that the creamy texture of the gel really has on the skin moisturizing effect. The gel has a refreshing scent of almond. The only drawback is badly washed off the gel.


Cream-balm from Mixa

крем-бальзам от MixaHighly nourishing cream-balm from Mixa suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. The cream contains glycerin and allantoin. It has a calming effect on the skin and neutralizes the negative effect of lime water. Testing has shown that this is a great product at an affordable price. Cream balm has a buttery texture and a light fragrance. The skin forms a protective hydrolipidic film. Unfortunately, this body wash contains sodium Laureth, surface-active substance that has a negative impact on the skin.


Amande verte

гель для душа и ванн Amande verteThick shower gel and bath Amande verte from Rogé Cavaillès forms on the skin a protective film, thanks to its formula with the content of oily components and hydrolyzed collagen. This is a good ratio of price and quality. Unfortunately, the pleasant aroma of the gel remains on the skin after showering.


Shower cream from Cadum

крем для душа от CadumThick shower cream from Cadum contains gentle almond milk and vitamin-rich peach jelly that protect and envelop dry skin. According to the test results, the cream has a rich texture, a relatively small amount and the skin after showering gentle and soft. The downside is that the cream contains a component of the classical synthesis, namely sodium Laureth.


Rêve de miel

гель для лица и тела Rêve de mielGel for face and body Rêve de miel company Nuxe contains natural components. Honey has restorative effects, Linden floral water soothes irritated skin, and Lily extract soothes the skin. After showering, the skin remains a pleasant fragrance, but the price of the tool is too high, if we take into account the volume of the bottle (400 ml).


Petit Marseillais

крем гель Petit MarseillaisCream for dry and sensitive skin Petit Marseillais gently cleanses, nourishes and protects the skin from drying out, due to the fact that it consists of the juice of aloe Vera and gentle almond milk. After using the cream does not experience discomfort from dryness. Great value for the price and quality. The cream is hypoallergenic, aromatic additives do not cause irritation on sensitive skin. It is worth noting that the cream contains sodium Laureth, but fortunately, the composition includes other soft surface-active substances of plant origin.

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