Speaking about the French, people often wonder how they manage to always look so flawless. Most were able to learn about what they are doing. Follow their tips on what not to do — is not difficult.

If you noticed, French women are quite slender women — it is the result of their care for their body. Women are sure to play sports, resulting in their muscle tone, and if you don’t like something in the body correct its shortcomings imperceptibly. If you want to decide on breast augmentation in Saratov, remember that the result should be as natural, as natural — the key of female beauty.

No lipstick on teeth

The French mostly use red lipstick, but somehow this lipstick is never on the teeth. What is the secret? When you apply lipstick, place your index finger between your lips and then purse your lips to remove excess lipstick.

Choose the right shade of base make-up

Do Parisian women seem to never see the barely visible lines, which leaves the base of the face. For this line you can see how the makeup is different from the color of the skin on the neck. Instead apply a thick layer of makeup, they prefer fresh, natural complexion.

Change your mask base (especially if it doesn’t match perfectly with your skin tone) to something else that will allow your skin to look natural.

Do not overdo it with the eyebrow plucking

The best way to be more like the French to postpone the tweezers for a while. French women usually care for eyebrows, just putting exactly the hairs.

Do not go too far with contouring

Not to find the French, which corrects the shape of the nose to perfection. Cheekbones French women don’t glow like the sun. They know how to emphasize what was presented to them by nature and to do it as naturally as possible. Instead of countless shimmers / highlighters for oily, use a face oil on the high points of the face. Then you will look like you were born with perfect features.

Don’t go to sleep, do not wash makeup

If you wonder what Parisians can do with minimal makeup, it’s because they take good care of my skin.

Think about it next time you go to sleep, do not wash makeup.

Don’t burn your hair

Instead burn the hair, making the styling (it literally kills them), support their naturalness. Use hair oil to tame curly, wavy hair, or take care of direct. It always looks a winner.

Do not go with obleplennuyu nails

You ever seen a French woman with a flaky manicure? Unlikely. Pay special attention to your nails. Apply a base before applying varnish. Then apply another coat to fix the manicure.

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