правила летнего стиляThe heat is in full swing, so we should recall the rules of the summer style, to look perfect. These common mistakes, as seen from underneath the blouse bra straps or torsemide suit, will spoil even the most vivid image, so it is time to recall some fashion tips.


Whiter than white

White things, whether it be t-shirts, trousers or jackets, you need to change every season, as they fade and fade with them difficult to remove stains. Do not buy into the advertising powders and bleach that promise to make clothes whiter than white and later new: they are not omnipotent and is not able to completely destroy the traces of sweat, for example.

And one dirty dot on a white t-shirt is a sign that fit on the output anymore.


Dress code

правила летнего стиляSay a decisive “no” beach shoes in the office. Flip flops, Slippers, sandals and flip-flops is not working shoes. Even if you are in the office there is no strict dress code, to come in this form client is a sign of incompetence.


The right underwear

Some women believe that under white translucent fabrics should wear the same white underwear. However, this is incorrect: the skin is darker linen, and linen stands out against its background, prosvechivanie and jumped into the eyes. Therefore, under transparent clothing should be worn underwear Nude closest to the shade of your skin.



правила летнего стиляStraps from bra, put on display, is a sign of poor taste. Take the time and find suitable bra strapless that will accent the shape of the breast. And remember: the open back dresses, tops, strapless, or with one shoulder are worn only with such a bra.


The juicy details

правила летнего стиляIf you do not wear a bra or prefer a model of thin fabrics without inserts, bring to work cardigan, so as not to confuse themselves and others appeared on the blouse nipples when someone turned the air conditioning on or out of the window blew a cold breeze.


One of the two

правила летнего стиляTights and shoes with open – toed – this is an invalid combination that looks disgusting. However, many women prefer to dress.

If you don’t want to look ridiculous, decide what is more important: open toe or the presence of tights. If office dress code prohibits bare feet, buy the shoes and pick them tights or use spray that simulates pantyhose wearing shoes with open toe.


The hotter, the shorter

The summer heat is not always an occasion to show off the neck and legs. Remember that mini skirt, Frank the tank tops and short dresses – is clothing exclusively for the daylight hours. Do not forget that daring clothing inappropriate in the office.

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