In the field of implant dentistry was invented a special thread of the implant, which was patented. Through this know-how has become possible to make contact with tissues, bones considerably larger compared to the classic models of implants other producers. Thread data implants allows to create maximum stability and reliability, immobility by the load.

Choose implants biohorizonz, because they consist of alloys four metals, making constructions strong and the most sustainable.

Features implants
Красивая улыбка – залог красоты и успеха1
1.Теперь possible to solve any medical problems, since such models are ideal for one-stage implantation, and for a two-stage, it is now possible, by removing a tooth, immediately restore it. The same applies to cases of lack of bones.

2. the line of the presented products of the company have implants, coupled with coping – with their help, you can quickly restore the lost tooth, using the method of immediate implantation.

3.Данная model has a special coating – the original form of thread structure. Because of this, the implantation is possible even when there is a lack of bone tissues. The same applies to the long absence of teeth and problems on the background of diseases of the oral cavity.

4. the peculiarities of dental implants biohorizons disadvantages include the marking is the manufacturer developed a special system of separation of such implants: they differ by color.

5.Конструкция made in a way that just two months after its installed, are permissible load. This is possible thanks to the accuracy of fix, and fit. The original, distinct design and porous surface, more precise and thin thread – it all helps faster приживиться the implant. Here in just perfectly selected dimensions.
Красивая улыбка – залог красоты и успеха1
Abutment Golden brown will not hide, unfortunately, after the installation of the crown. In this connection implants do not install the area smile – for the restoration of front teeth do not fit. Their appropriate to use to replace the lateral teeth – is to account for maximum load. Data implants withstand any pressure evenly distribute its between cells in the bone tissue of the jaw.

Article publication date: November 14, 2013

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