When the owner of the dressing room was only the most subtle fashionista or a star that could boast of their «miracle wardrobe». Now dressing room is a matter of personal taste.

Гардеробная комната1

  • A dressing room can be built in any apartment or the house necessary to was a huge square. Even the place that was bulky case, it is possible to construct under the compact room. Even if the dressing room is small, with the right design, it will be three-dimensional and roomy. It can be used not only at the walls, but in the middle of the setting there floor hanger, which can move.
  • All clothes will be collected in one place, so you will not need to look for them among the cabinets and drawers.
  • The Cabinet there is no possibility of lighting, but in the dressing room this moment you can think of, to all his clothing was in sight.
  • Different design allows you to choose any style. So you can combine functionality with aesthetic design.


Гардеробная комната2
If enjoy a walk-in closet the designers will offer optimal variant that will fit into the overall interior of the apartment or house.
But you can consider the design of your own, or find a complete sample, which will be reconstructed room.

  • Disposition. Usually think first. It can be rectangular, corner, or u-shaped. This usually depends on the area allocated for this purpose.
  • Exterior design. It should fit in with the design of the room, meaning to be an integral element of the interior. Then in addition to functionality, it would play an aesthetic role of the room, which is important.
  • Closet can be issued wooden shelves, or metal. Capacity will depend on the type of zoning, which you prefer.
  • Zoning. Vertical zoning allows you to separate the clothes on types: men’s/women’s/children; seasonal. Horizontal zoning requires the activity/inactivity of the wardrobe. That is in the active zone are often used things that are in the 45 – 150 cm from the floor. And below half a meter or two meters above are things that are rare in use.

The misconception that dressing room available to those who allow square meters. Because it can be arranged so that it will take place not more than bulky wardrobe, but it will be bigger and more convenient!

Article publication date: November 15, 2013

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