Elle L'AimeIt became known that the famous French perfume brand called Lolita Lempicka will release their first fragrance Elle L’aime. Interestingly, the novelty will represent Russian supermodel Alexander Pivovarov.

Super fragrance Elle L’aime belongs to floral-Oriental fragrance with sensual and multiple sexual twist. First, the fragrance opens with fresh fruity-sweet aroma of lime and bergamot, which becomes a sensual sweetness of the scent of neroli.

In the heart of the fragrance Elle L’aime romantic and warm aroma of coconut, heady Jasmine, passion ylang-ylang. In conclusion, the scent opens with a completely different perspective: the aroma of the worlds, sweet and extremely enjoyable, which replaced the vanilla notes. At the end of the song beckons the exquisite scent of sandalwood.

Leading perfumers claim that the composition of the fragrance Elle L’aime suitable only for confident and strong women who want to certain heights in order to achieve its goals, but they have preserved the romantic notes. Based on this alignment, the owners of the brand : Lolita Lempicka decided to make the face of the fragrance Russian supermodel Sasha Pivovarov, which perfectly fits the described way, because she has achieved success in all spheres of life – she has a career, a husband and had a child. Isn’t it a dream of every woman?

It is worth noting that Alexander Pivovarov because of their unusual appearance (high cheekbones, large, plump lips, thin facial features) called “model-alien”. Today it is one of the most popular and famous Russian models. For example, she was the only model that took part in the campaign of Prada for six seasons without gaps.

Design perfume Elle L’aime by Lolita Lempicka is as original as the aroma. The bottle is made in the form of a cylinder, the surface of which Golden letters in random order engraved brand name. Looking at it from the side, it resembles a magic talisman that brings luck and happiness to its owner.

At home fragrance Elle L’aime was released in late September, so will soon appear on the shelves of our stores, what are we waiting for with great anticipation.

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