What to do if the clothes ceased to please the eye, although last summer she was at the height of fashion? What if before each release of your head hurts only one thing: “Nothing to wear”. The answer is simple – create a new wardrobe.

If it is difficult to decide where to start creating a wardrobe, then we can look at the various lukbuki on the Internet. Once fashion asked only glossy magazines, they now rely on street fashion. And looking sometimes on centre street fashion – lookbook, you can get some inspiration to create a wardrobe. But where to start?

Step 1: Revision
Новый гардероб – это новая жизнь3
The first step when creating a wardrobe – a revision in the Cabinet. It is desirable to give your wardrobe a whole day to review all things. Should be set aside:
Things out of fashion (no need to wait, while they will again become relevant – this might not happen)
Things not matching the style or color type
Worn things
Scratched or scuffed accessories

Now you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: The “Base”

Creating a new closet, in no case, do not forget about the basics. Basic things – the Foundation of your wardrobe. This is, first of all, the little black dress, black pants, beige and black shoes, a coat, a jacket or blazer or cardigan, white blouse, pencil skirts and jeans. If you pick a base closet correctly, the notorious problems “nothing to wear” will not occur ever, and your image will always be bright and memorable. It is also worth remembering one simple rule: 70% of things – base, the other 30% is bright and design.

Step 3: Selection Of
Новый гардероб – это новая жизнь1
Let’s move to close the selection. Don’t need a clock to view the photos of popular fashion of bloggers and video from fashion shows to make a good closet. But to completely ignore the basic rules should not be, but the image of “associate incongruous” is not always the best solution.

So, choosing closet, will be useful to some basic rules.

It is best to choose those things that is easily combined with each other. This will help the choice is simple styles and adherence optimal color.

Accessories are an important component of the wardrobe. They should not be neglected, because without stylish and selected with taste of accessories complete and memorable image will not work.

Do not buy clothes spontaneously. Even if it’s a huge discount. Purchase is desirable to plan and approach this rationally.
Do not buy extravagant and unusual clothing without basic wardrobe.

Stylists recommend to shop in a good mood, otherwise the choice may prove unsuccessful.

Of course, in the preparation of the wardrobe should not rely only on fashionable “Luke” and councils of designers. It should listen to yourself, because the clothes should not cover the beauty obtained even at birth. And creating a truly suitable for your closet, you will notice that the life has changed for the better, played with bright colors.

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