рубашки с коротким рукавомIt is regarded as an indispensable item of clothing for summer period, but for both women and men in the choice of a short sleeve shirt may be involuntary demonstration of distaste. This thing is only at first glance it seems simple, in reality pick up, wear and match it’s not always as easy as long-sleeved shirt. Come in force other laws proportions, from which it is impossible to deny.


Basic model

Blouse or shirt with short sleeves are present in the wardrobe of most women. Some people prefer white classics, the other pulls on the plain, but colorful things, someone thinks no summer without a patterned shirt, which is perfectly combined with self-colored jackets strict style.


Features of choice for the female figure

When buying a shirt with short sleeves must take account of two major criteria. The first is your figure, body type, degree of completeness or thinness. The second – the length and form of sleeves, which the shirts can be very diverse. Sometimes several centimeters in length save the situation, and sometimes hopeless spoil him.

First of all, we need to understand one simple thing. Popular with young people shirt with very short puff sleeves and decorative trim on the chest are only a very slender girls with small Breasts. Even with a slim figure with lush bust this model will make you bulky, heavy, because short sleeve together with the breast attract attention to the upper body area, visually weighting figure.

Hands with severe fullness in the shoulder area with loose or relief cellulite – absolute contraindication to wear shirts with short sleeves, barely covers the shoulder. Flashlights with врезающейся rubber band with such physical data better left to the owners of more delicate hands, but this does not mean that пышкам even in the heat wearing models with deaf sleeve to the wrist. Preferable still shirt with three-quarter sleeve, which can transform a full figure, but above the elbow options are possible. You need to apply one little trick is always to choose a shirt with a picture, and not plain. The single shade shirts, especially if it is bright or dark, separated from the hand lines, noticeable to the naked eye, as the sleeve of the transverse line «cuts» the forearm. If checkered shirt, with a large or a small floral pattern, with a psychedelic or abstract graphic prints, this border will not be evident. In any case, it is better to choose only those models sleeve which covers two-thirds of the shoulder, but does not reach the elbow. Cut sleeveless – only lying, without who are like rubber bands, but not very wide, which does not paint any shape.


What to combine

Wearing a short sleeve shirt can be on different occasions. With a sleek jacket it will create an excellent business ensemble with a long spacious cardigan style casual chic.

  • Shirt of white cotton or colored satin combined with pencil skirt or black pants straight cut creates another flawless strict way, and if we add to these suspenders, the image will be a stylish and audacious.
  • The most interesting combinations are clothes that white shirt combined with pencil skirt or classic black pants and suspenders.
  • Checkered shirt ideally suit to jeans and a plain trousers direct or slightly narrow down cut.
  • Model floral blend perfectly with a solid bottom, for example, stylish, not very wide шароварами, long spacious Maxi skirt.
  • Perfect and very stylish option for the summer – a combination shirt with short sleeves and bottom of the print of a different nature. For example, a shirt with a floral pattern, and pants in a cage.
  • Checkered shirt short sleeve well worn with a plain waistcoat, forming a stylish image of the country.
  • Elegant satin shirt print is fine combined with business pencil skirt with a high waist, which calms her dynamism and freedom, returning to the scope of business image.

Short-sleeved shirt when choosing the right model will become a basic detail of clothes for any season: in the summer of hands open, and in cold season the sleeve not hinder under a jacket or a jacket. But to feel confident and a little bit tasteless, you need to pay attention to the jacket on the stage, select it in the store.

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