The pre-Cana care of all perceived as pleasant troubles. But faced with them, many did detect small pitfalls. Including the choice of the rings is often accompanied by some difficulties, which we will discuss below.
Обручальное кольцо – не простое украшение
First you should decide whether you want to buy ready-made ring or make gold jewelry to order. Whereas previously, it was believed that the wedding ring should be smooth, smooth and without any patterns, and now their choice is limited only by your imagination.

Not only can you choose whatever shape and figure, but also decorate your rings with precious stones. Moreover, today, huge popular services engraving on jewelry. Engraving can be done both on the outer side of the ring, so that all could enjoy it, but hide from the prying eyes of the dear words, engraving them on the inside.

As to the prices for the rings, it is not difficult to guess, they are very diverse. Everything depends on the weight of the item, quantity and value of gemstones, if any, and complexity of the work of a jeweler.

In any case, it is worth remembering that these rings will abound throughout life. Therefore, selecting them form, pay attention, that it was convenient to not have a sharp and too prominent parts of the pattern.
Обручальное кольцо – не простое украшение3
Do not regret it, and size. The ring must tightly encircle my finger, that in no case can not be lost, but it should not be too narrow, as it will provoke discomfort at constant wearing.

Choosing wedding rings, do not forget to pay attention to the arguments of reason, but still follow the dictates of his heart, because it is a sign of your strong mutual love that will remain with you for life.

Article publication date: November 19, 2013

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