Science develops on a par with medicine and today’s specialists are quite much attention is paid to the issue of psychological readiness for childbirth the expectant mother.

As a woman is pregnant and how she treats her kid who is not even born? That could affect the willingness of women to become a mother? It depends on what emotions and memories the woman managed to save from the time when she was little.

How she was raised, what it was attached to it that I loved. Very important is the experience we gain by playing with dolls in the “daughter mother” and you remember, what were your favorite childhood toys?

Very important factors, which suggests that experiencing the mother of the unborn child, it is the desirability or not desirability. Also it is very important how smoothly the process of pregnancy.

Thus, we can conclude that motherhood is unlikely to be a burden to you in case you dream to become a mother, and the pregnancy will be extremely smooth. If all goes very well, the main thing here is to be able to put a proper installation. Think about how you are going to take care of her future baby?

Will you strictly follow the regime? All this is necessary to ensure that your baby has grown a full, healthy. A low level of psychological readiness of the mother to the birth of a child is usually caused by the fact that she’s still not sure she wanted to be a mommy. So it is important you realize how big happiness to be near her piece.

Therefore, each young mother must continuously improve own knowledge in the field of conception, gestation and child-rearing. If the expectant mother does not know the basic rules of child rearing, there is a strong likelihood that he would become not adapted to modern conditions of life. So do not neglect the knowledge, study books on parenting and most importantly, become the person you would like to become your child.

If you smoke and think that they can forbid Smoking to your child, then you are mistaken, when you’ve quit Smoking and your kid won’t even think to buy, read and listen to lecture of the chief was Torsunov they will help you become better and you will learn a lot.

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