О равнодушии и неравнодушии…People rarely notice other people. You never paid attention to it? Any public transport of people, even not that abstracted, they just closed in itself, is fixed at one point.

Nobody notices and does not pay attention to others.

You can even die in transport or on the street – no one will not even notice it and no shock wave therapy is not able to break through this shield! You will become just another landscape of everyday life of any city in the background rushing usual bustle, you will melt away before their eyes, urban grey, like asphalt on a cloudy day.

The indifference of the people is the most severe that can exist in the world! Sometimes hate myself for the fact that every morning, going to work from the subway, I take great hope from passing through the hospital. Pass by municipal hospital, and literally pray to never see there a ritual procession! But of the five working days in week three of them I pass as if through torture. Walking past the hospital, I see another procession or bus with the inscription “funeral services”…

I do not understand why I have this unpleasant feeling and pain in the chest, why it bothers me so, and why I notice it? But the saddest thing is that other passers-by, people don’t see that though their lives as close border with death… maybe this death they are not directly concerned, but it is so close!

Each time thinking ” how cynical and symbolic of our life. You go to work to earn a living, next the students learn to be able to earn a living, and very close escorted someone’s life… but living on it, most likely just don’t care!

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