абразивыAbrasives are widely used in our daily life, and familiar to us pumice, perhaps the most popular of abrasive materials.

Finely granulated pumice is part of household chemicals, cosmetic products, medical supplies and so on.

  • Small pieces of pumice are added in tools for skin care, in particular in body scrubs, face and body.
  • Abrasive Soaps are used to remove stubborn stains from coal, soot and other things.
  • Pumice is included in toothpastes and dental materials for polishing tooth enamel.
  • In electronics abrasives are used in the processing and cleaning of metal chips.
  • Abrasives are needed and in flint calcium isolation.
  • Essential abrasives in the removal of corns, calluses, dead skin cells and cuticle.
  • With abrasives is much easier to clean kitchen surfaces from old and stubborn stains.
  • Polishing means for vehicles with a content of fine particles of pumice remove impurities, and are used for polishing painted surfaces.


What is pumice

Pumice is a volcanic ash resulting from saturation of the lava bubbles of gas, after which the hardened lava turns into pumice. Pumice is extremely fragile and brittle material, it is very easily crushed into small particles.

Chemical composition and properties of pumice is very close to the same characteristics of the glass, pumice unlike glass is incredibly soft material. Today pumice is considered the most soft material.


Why do we pumice?

Pumice is soft, but very effective abrasive, soap for the hands, for example, pumice perfectly removes fat, severe pollution, and so forth. Pumice is essentially a natural material, harmless and non-toxic.
Ease of handling and the ability to grind pumice almost powder make her one of the most widely used soft abrasive materials.

Regardless of the scope, pumice are subjected to special tests and treatment, and then determine whether it is suitable for use in those or other purposes. The degree of reduction varies depending on the specific means, composed of pumice. For example, for the production of scrub for hands or feet will need the pumice is more coarse than for manufacturing exfoliating tools for face. Correctly selected particle size or reduces the effectiveness of remedies, or causes damage to the surface on which it is applied.

Despite the softness of pumice, one should not forget that it is abrasive, so it is not too long and intensely RUB the surface with a medium containing particles of pumice. This recommendation applies to skin care and the treatment of other, less delicate surfaces.

To remove dirt and dead skin cells, very small amount of scrub and neat circular motions with your fingers, too aggressive rubbing can cause minor damage and skin irritation. When cleaning and polishing the car, apply a thin layer of abrasive cleaner on a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface. Moderation and accuracy are the main determining the effective use of abrasive cleaners.


Abrasives and hair removal

Hair removal using abrasive materials has a long history. Ancient Egyptian beauty, women of Ancient Rome and ancient Greek women remove unwanted body hair with pumice. Unlike unsafe creams – or wax depilation, pumice provides long lasting results with minimum costs.

The texture of pumice is ideal for removal of fine hairs. In modern cosmetology, it uses a special glove with stripe, which are mounted pebbles of pumice. The essence of the procedure of hair removal is the friction material on the skin, the hair simply erased from the surface of the skin. Mainly abrasive glove used for removing hair on the legs, but this method is not the best for getting rid of unwanted hair on the face or bikini area.


The technique of abrasive glove

Hair removal using abrasive gloves should only on clean and dry skin. Put the glove on the hand side of the abrasive must be on hand, “face” to the skin.

  • For hair removal, exerting a slight pressure on the skin, make the hands soft circular motion. With the other hand gently pull the skin.
  • Without lifting gloves from leather, alternate circular motion clockwise and counter up until all the hairs are removed.

To achieve maximum results for a couple of days before the procedure hair removal pumice, it is recommended to shave or cut his hair. Avoid strong abrasive irritation after hair removal is not necessary to use a mild moisturizer with a minimum of alcohols and fragrances.

For hair removal on the upper lip, you can use a special stick coated abrasive material.

Abrasive tools for hair removal affordable and easy to use, with the result holds up to three weeks. However, it should be noted that the hair removal abrasives requires patience and time, so if you do not have neither the one nor the other, it is better to stop shaving or other method that does not require time-consuming.

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