юношеские угриAcne is often a source of serious psychological problems, low self-esteem and total lack of confidence. Acne or Acne vulgaris is the result of disruption of the follicle sebaceous glands located on the face and upper part of the body.

In puberty androgenic hormones produce increased amounts of sebum, which accumulates in the follicles, sebaceous glands, and when released into the environment propionic bacteria acne inflammation, which leads to the appearance of Caledon, the follicle is clogged sebum and keratinocytes. In dermatology distinguish between open and closed comedones, also known as the first black acne, the second as white.

Almost every teenager faces youthful acne varying degrees of severity. The emergence of juvenile eels may also be due to genetic and hereditary factors. When acne is one of the twins, the likelihood of the same problem the other is very high.

Acne mostly guys than girls, girls are often the acne breakouts appear in the premenstrual period. Both girls and boys, acne appear on the background of the dramatic hormonal changes.

Acne can be due to polycystic ovary or arrhenoblastoma, and also appear in the result of steroid abuse drugs.

The main external characteristics of juvenile eels – oily skin with comedones, purulent and black eels. Acne appears in puberty and takes place in the late teen years or after twenty. In rare cases, acne accompany the person and in Mature life.

In 99% of cases, acne appears on the face, 60% of cases occur on the back and 15% on the bust.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism youthful acne has a different degree of severity. As a rule, teenagers with acne is most concerned about the aesthetic side of the issue, and often even the most mild forms lead to serious stress.


The main methods of treatment

In most cases, juvenile acne good results exterior treatment retinoids as part of conventional treatment programs, or receiving isotretinoin inward in the most severe forms of acne. To achieve maximum results external treatment by retinoids should begin as soon as possible, thoroughly coating the drug all of the affected area. Retinoids pretty well with antibacterial therapy, especially when there are open sores. Retinoids are also effective as part of preventive measures.

  • Antibacterial and combination therapy

Antibacterial therapy is more effective in combination with retinene drugs, which in turn enhance the effect of antibiotics. Combination therapy is required in distinct foci of inflammation, the use of several types of treatment stimulates detoxication and treatment should begin it with topical use of retinoids. After removing the inflammation antibiotics, discontinue, or to combine an antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide, which has excellent anti-inflammatory action.

  • Hormone therapy

Hormonal therapy in the treatment of acne ideally come to the girls, because of certain reasons taking oral contraceptives. Hormones are frequently part of combination therapy for women with the presence or absence of disorders of the endocrine system.


Treatment of post-acne scarring

Often youth acne is completely, however, when deep inflammatory processes and delayed treatment of acne can leave on the skin scar. Modern cosmetology offers high-tech and effective methods of getting rid of post-acne scars.

  • Laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and chemical peels are the most popular procedures in the treatment of post-acne Rebrov.
  • Microdermabrasion is one of the simplest outpatient procedures, the essence of which is sprayed on the skin and subsequent vacuum removal of crystals of aluminum oxide or other abrasive substances.

In some cases, elimination of post-acne scarring is applied subside. During the procedure, is introduced under the skin of a triangular beveled needle, the movement faces destroy the fibrous fiber, freeing the skin from the bottom of the connective tissue. The effectiveness of this method is equivalent to the collagen fillers.

The state of juvenile eels often deteriorates not only at excessive sun exposure. During inflammation the skin especially sensitive to sunlight, so in this case it is necessary to protect its cream with a high protection factor.

In any case, no need to squeeze acne. Under the nails and fingertips lives of a huge number of bacteria that can cause infection and only worsen the situation.

Removing blackheads can be done only by a qualified beautician or dermatologist. To reduce inflammation and eliminate pain, you can use anti-inflammatory ointment, but in any case not try to remove the comedones yourself.

Acne is not considered a skin disease, caused by lack of hygiene, so too frequent washing and the use of scrubs not improve the situation, but often, on the contrary, worsen it. The smallest particles otshelushivaya means getting into open sores, provoke further inflammation and too frequent washing will stimulate the sebaceous glands, which in turn leads to more clogged pores while increasing sensitivity and dryness of the skin.

Some people believe that fried food and chocolate triggers the appearance of acne. After a series of studies, scientists have concluded that a direct connection between youthful acne and these products are not. However, this does not mean that you can eat everything and in any quantity. It is known that foods rich in vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables in one way or another affect the condition of our skin and improve its appearance.

Unfortunately, the panacea for youth acne does not exist, the good news is that in most cases the acne disappear as they grow up, and adherence to the simple rules of healthy nutrition and skin care will help minimize the discomfort and discomfort associated with this problem.

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