прыщиAll women want to be beautiful, with perfect forms of body, hair and skin. But here it is with the skin sometimes there are problems, of which the most common is acne. Their other name – acne, or acne. It is believed that after adolescence, acne is no longer a concern. However, they are found in 20% of women aged twenty-five to fifty years.


What is acne?

Pimples or acne is a disease that is associated with damage to the structural elements of the skin, consisting of sebaceous glands that produce sebum, and hair follicle. In the epidermis (top skin layer) continuously processes the update, the surface cells are sloughed off and fall away, with the new ones.

But sometimes the exfoliation process is broken, and then on the sebaceous gland can be formed tube is made of keratin protein, which is composed of dead flakes of skin. Corked accumulated sebum. In accumulated secretions of the sebaceous glands begin to multiply conditionally pathogenic bacteria, and then there is inflammation.


Types of acne

Those who are faced with the problem of pimples on the skin, can find themselves in the following varieties:

  • Comedones (else they may be called “black spots”) – non-inflammatory elements, they can be opened or closed;
  • Papules. It papules that appear when inflamed comedones. They are pink or red with a bluish tinge and slightly rise above the skin;
  • Pustules. Pustules with yellow or grayish content. They are on the surface of the papules. If they are open, you will get the pus. Scars after them, as a rule, there remains only the crust is formed;
  • Nodes. Painful, deep inflammatory elements after them quite often scars may remain. In size they more than five millimeters;
  • The cysts. Formed in purulent decomposition nodes. Because of the formation of cavities filled with pus, can cause severe cicatricial skin lesions.

The severity of acne is determined by which of these elements and how many are present on the skin. Usually affects the face and neck, but acne can appear on the back, chest or shoulders.


Causes of

Why form of acne, is still uncertain. There is more or less confirmed the theory, according to which among the causes are:

  • Transition to adulthood;
  • Heredity;
  • Subcutaneous mite Demodex;
  • Various diseases (inflammation of the nasopharynx, gastrointestinal tract);
  • Stress;
  • Damage to the skin, followed by inflammation;
  • The use of drugs with halogen, barbiturates and lithium;
  • Hormonal changes and failures.

Also, the appearance of blackheads and exacerbation of the disease is influenced by humidity and heat, improper diet. Sometimes the cause can be poor quality or incorrectly selected cosmetics, and products containing the composition of paraffin and lanolin. Some medications can also cause side effects acne. But it is authentically established that, contrary to popular myth, eating chocolate does not affect the appearance of acne.


How to deal with them

With mild to moderate form of acne you can try to deal with the problem yourself. Most importantly – correctly and daily care for problem skin. In addition, careful skin care will not only remove acne, but also improve your complexion, reduce flaking, and even partially, or even fully eliminate the effects of acne – spots and small scars. There are a few rules to care for problem skin, which is strictly recommended to follow.

  • First rule – never squeeze pimples. Cleaning of the face (the so-called this procedure can only be carried out by a qualified technician, it should be done under sterile conditions, which the house cannot be created. And individual pimples can only increase the inflammation. This can cause infection and lead to the formation of cysts, and even blood poisoning and death. From such a seemingly little thing, like a squeezed pimple, died the great composer Scriabin.
  • Second rule: you have to wash twice a day, but not soap, it is also recommended not to use tonics and lotions with alcohol. From them, dry skin, increased production of sebum and acne eruptions are only amplified. You must use a cleanser designed for oily skin. RUB the skin with the wiping towel is impossible, you just need to wet. After washing, apply on face cream or remedy. Cosmetics as caring, decorative, also need to choose special created for oily skin. Better to buy it in the pharmacy.

If the hair on your head quickly become greasy, they should be washed more often and try to keep your hair does not touch the face. From hairstyles with long bangs for the treatment of acne should be abandoned. Also better not to use shampoos and masks for hair with a high content of oils.

It is necessary to protect the skin from excessive exposure to solar radiation. Tan can mask the pimples, but in the end solar irradiation only affects the skin and increases inflammation. In addition, for the treatment of acne is often used tools, which increase skin sensitivity to UV light, and if you combine the treatment with tanon the skin are likely to spots.

It is recommended to use special masks for oily skin with clay and pure essential oils. They will not cure acne, but it will help the skin look better.

The good effect gives the transition to a healthy diet with moderate exercise – this helps to clear the body of toxins, relieve stress and generally useful. Even if it is not possible to completely get rid of acne, the body will still be grateful for the transition to a healthy life.

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