The nature of women want everything at once. Why take vitamins and to wait half a year until you grow your nails, if you can go to the salon and get the desired result? But so do all rosy?

As increasing their nails?

There are two ways how to strengthen nails – acrylic-forms and tips. Tips are plastic templates that are attached to the natural nail with special glue. Then the boundary of the natural and artificial parts aligned. Tweezers and nail file nail give final shape, new top of the nail is covered with acrylic.
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A plate-shape with a window for nail made of foil or plastic. Her clothes on the finger, and the window fit under the edge of the nail, then everything is covered with acrylic. As soon as the layer hardens, the plate is removed and the nail is made to fit the desired shape.

Acrylic: friend or foe nails?

The condition of the nails after the procedure depends on compliance with sanitary requirements, the experience of the master and the health of the client, as well as if reproduced procedure such as teeth whitening. During all stages need to be particularly careful, because a mistake can damage the growth zone of the nail.
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Quality acrylic is also important. This material has excellent quality no methymethacrylate, which makes the nails hypersensitive. But due to the fact that acrylic is not breathable, it will have to withdraw once per month to make the nails breathed. Allergies are the same acrylic contraindicated because of dust during processing.

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From the point of view of artificial nails are more practical. To take care of them is not necessary, broken nails amenable to rapid recovery. Besides the durable acrylic. But its distribution in the grinding takes a long time.
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Attractive acrylic and aesthetically. The color palette is incalculable shades. Over time, however, it wilts and turns yellow. Polishing does not give the desired effect. Therefore, it is recommended to apply under the gel. Acrylic gives the nail resistance and gel – gloss.

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