акупунктурный лифтингEastern practices, whatever sector they may be concerned, have always been highly esteemed in the West. Non-traditional for the European man and traditional person Eastern medicine is based not so much on the newly acquired skills and abilities recently, much rooted in centuries wisdom of generations. Acupuncture lifting sounds unusual. This procedure is one of the methods of rejuvenation and restoration of the health and beauty of skin. To take him many will be difficult, because it is nothing like acupuncture in the face.


What is acupuncture lifting

Acupuncture is also known as reflexology, acupuncture, acupuncture and it is one of the oldest methods, which turned people to restore the balance of life energy in the body. In the East still vividly the doctrine that our well being is inextricably linked with the flow of energy through the channels of our body.

In a healthy person, circulation and energy flow goes in the right direction and freely, but once it fails, we get sick.

To restore the correct direction of the energy flow, apply different methods, including massage and other techniques of influence on the body with the inclusion of reflex therapy. Needles are not random, but on the specific point that allows the expert to direct the energy and restore the balance of life forces in the body.

Acupuncture lifting is based on the same knowledge. The thinnest needles are installed on the face, forehead, nose wings, at the corners of the lips and chin. And it’s all the patient can only relax and enjoy the session. Any additional manipulations are required: according to the knowledge underlying the Chinese medicine, already after primary production of needles on the face is improved appearance. The skin is transformed, and after a few sessions, you can see a significant improvement, which usually expect from any lifting.


Indications for acupuncture lifting

To acupuncture lifting can be treated as in the framework of rejuvenating programs, and in the prevention of skin aging. Of course, today the market of cosmetic services, presents a great number of procedures of different intensity, but many of them can scarring, there are some contraindications and side effects. This cannot be said about acupuncture liftingthat demonstrates extremely careful effect on the skin without sacrificing high performance.

Acupuncture lifting primarily recommended for people who are contraindicated other facelift procedure, as well as those who cannot afford the rehabilitation period is required after a series of peels and other invasive anti-aging procedures.

The main indications:

  • sagging skin;
  • shallow and deep wrinkles;
  • oedema;
  • bags and bruises under his eyes;
  • uneven skin texture;
  • enlarged pores;
  • second chin and swollen face.


The effect of acupuncture lifting

Their efficiency acupuncture lifting obliged to normalize blood flow and lymph flow, which, if violated, entail a lot of skin problems. Shortness of circulation and disrupted the flow of lymph lead to dull skin, losing its healthy glow that visible. But changes occur at the cellular level, which entails not only the loss of the outer skin, but the unfortunate loss of youth. When the epidermis is difficult processes regular updates, the cells become difficult to reflect the effects of free radicals and to oppose the aggressive influence of the environment.

During an acupuncture lifting changes at the cellular level, thanks to restore balance within the epidermis run the upgrade process without the participation of external stimuli, which are usually mechanical or chemical agents.

The skin is rejuvenated their own resources, acupuncture only stimulates this process, shifting from the dead.

Acupuncture lifting can be done as a self-rejuvenating procedure, but you should try to combine it with other methods, for example, if you go through a course of diet and want to get rid of fat in the face.

Lifting of face, neck and decollete lasts one hour. For best results, it is recommended course of several procedures. The big advantage of acupuncture lifting is not only the improvement of the physical condition of the skin, and restore emotional balance of the patient.

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