New year holidays. Everybody have fun, enjoy, and you started to hurt a tooth. A familiar situation? Polyclinics don’t work, your doctor generally left for another country a little warm up in the sun, but the tooth-it hurts!
Острая зубная боль: методы самостоятельного устранения3
You can, of course, to go to the duty, but it is unlikely there will be engaged in treatment. Most likely, only remove the tooth. But the tooth after all, you need! The question is obvious: how to relieve the acute dental pain folk remedies? Why folk? Why not analgesic? Yes, simply because analgesic just mute pain, but will have no healing effect.

What tools will offer us folk medicine?

Soda. Take a teaspoon of baking soda (with slide) and fill it with hot water. Give a little cool, but not much. The solution must be hot, but not biting. Rinse our tooth every 30 minutes glass.

Iodine. A few drops of iodine per Cup of hot water. The same hot, as in the previous case. You can add iodine and soda solution. Rinse our every 30 minutes.

Chamomile and sage. Both of these herbs possess antibacterial activity. Steeped one. Teaspoon of herbs pour 80-degree water. Do not fill with boiling water, in order not to lose healing properties. Give it brew for a bit (15 minutes). Rinse our bad tooth every hour warm infusion.

Propolis. Propolis is widely known for its medicinal properties. Will help us. Размягчаем piece of propolis, making it thin лепешечку and apply to the sore tooth. Keep it at a tooth can be as much as you like. The propolis neutral taste, so it will not cause any unpleasant sensations. It is best to use it at night, when there will be no possibility of rinsing. Simply attach it to a painful tooth and go to bed.

The fat. They say that a piece attached to the tooth, fat also helps to cure. Thin slice of bacon can be applied to the tooth for an indefinite period of time, exactly how and propolis.
Острая зубная боль: методы самостоятельного устранения2
If absolutely nothing at hand was not, then you can take an ordinary large sea salt. You find it in any home. Now salt often produce iodized, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Although, frankly, I iodine content in such salt is minimal, but, as they say, with black sheep… Diluted salt as well as soda and rinse our hot solution as often as possible.

Get well soon!

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