Israel Holy land cosmetics on the market since 1984. Over the years professional cosmetics became popular not only in Israel but around the world.
The company meets the main principle is to produce only natural cosmetics using high-tech ingredients.

High quality Holy Land cosmetics specializes in creating professional cosmetics, which has more than 250 items.
Преимущества косметики Holy land3
There are several areas of destination products

  • The alignment of the skin, scars;
  • Preoperative preparation;
  • Postoperative recovery;
  • Treatment of the skin (dermatitis, seborrhea);
  • Cleansing, moisturizing;
  • Prevention of aging;
  • Lighten pigmentation, smoothes out the skin.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer is in Israel, buy cosmetics Holy Land in any city using the online shop directly, without intermediaries. The choice of cosmetics is huge, on the page specified popular products preferred by customers. Cosmetics are used and recommended by stylists in Chelyabinsk, which means that the product is worth the money spent.

There are many anti-aging lines, which not only help to resolve the existing problems, but also to prevent aging, preserving the health and elasticity of the skin and body.
Преимущества косметики Holy land4
Line allows salon treatment at home, due to the fact that designed a special line that perform a multi-step process, enhancing the result.
Преимущества косметики Holy land5
The cosmetic line is provided for all skin types and ages. The aim of the compositions exclude the impact of an aggressive, closer to the natural action. Essence cosmetics is not to mask the deficiencies and to remove and treat.
The company’s activities are focused on the ability to implement the latest scientific developments, combined with fundamental research. It is the combination of high technology, scientific developments with natural raw materials, allows the line to be one of the highly professional productions.

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