One of the innovative products in the field of nail care became gel-varnish Shellac from CND. First of all, we should clarify what is a gel Polish, and how he has achieved such popularity in a short period of time. A tool such as the gel Polish has combined the best properties of nail Polish and gel nail. This combination has caused a great excitement in the market for manicured composition features, gel Polish CND shellac perfectly glides onto the nail surface and has excellent elasticity.
This tool stays on the nails for a long time, while not kalyvas, do not soak, and without losing the original color. In addition, Shellac has a protective and restorative effects on the nails. Polymerization of the gel-Polish is under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and takes very little time, allowing you to avoid spreading. Washed this tool is as easy as applied. This procedure is held by using a special liquid that completely eliminates mechanical damage nogita gamma shades of gel varnish was created in a unique palette, making it capable of hitting any woman with its diversity and richness. Among the available range, you can easily choose as a daily shade and variation on the party or any other event.

Well-groomed nails with a perfect finish will give the image of extraordinary subtlety and grace, because perfection manicure has always been considered an indicator of good style.
Lucky Shellac can be purchased at any beauty or specialty store without problems. Buying them, you can arrive in the firm conviction that the ideal coating for nails provided. Such tools are about the same price as regular nail Polish, but on the qualities greatly his superior.

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