Technology gel nail extension, based on the use of thick fluid mass, which hardens when processing a special composition and further finding under ultraviolet lamp. The applied layer forms a durable coating that is quite natural. When using gel, stackable nails will remain odorless and easy to succumb to correction. The composition of the substance harmless, which prevents the allergic reactions when applied. In the process of building nails, gel forms a smooth coating with gloss shade that does not need to be polished. To create the required form is enough to use a special plastic elements (tips). They temporarily fixed to the edge of the nail and do not cause discomfort in use.
Преимущества технологии гелевого наращивания ногтей
Nail extension with gel has much in common with acrylic coating. However, using the gel helps to achieve a more solid layer, without damaging the nail plate. Because of increasing the thickness of the boundary between natural and artificial gel coating becomes the wave noticeable, but it’s easily removed by using simulation tools.
Преимущества технологии гелевого наращивания ногтей 2
This method has proven successful in all treatments for nails. Reconstruction, simulation and other services when using gel, are much faster, without causing discomfort or side effects. Moreover, the use of ultraviolet lamp provides disinfection of the nail plate and accelerates the recovery process, as well as fixes and renders prophylactic action appearance of fungi. This procedure is not recommended only during pregnancy, in case of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, or in the case of passing the sessions of chemotherapy.

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