эстетическая коррекция губWant to get rid of wrinkles around the lips or want your lips become plumper? This will help the aesthetic correction of the lips. There are various ways that will help to achieve the desired results.

Some women would like to make correction of thin lips, and other fair sex – to give your lips a fresh and to remove wrinkles around mouth.

To change the contour of the lips, increasing their volume or to remove wrinkles around the mouth use two types of injections. For many years it was widely used silicone injections, but in some countries they are simply not allowed.



Lipostructuring is a pretty serious contouring. This plastic is carried out using the patient’s fat, which is taken from the upper part of the buttocks or abdomen and injected into her lips. Lipostructuring is performed under General anesthesia. This is a classic technique, but the results may be different. Fat cells can be unevenly distributed and lead to edema, which will be held in two weeks. After surgery, bruising may occur that are like 10-20 days.


Hyaluronic acid

Currently in aesthetic surgery very often use hyaluronic acid. The acid injection is done using a very thin needle under General anesthesia. This method is convenient because hyaluronic acid is absorbed in a few months (if you do not like the result). If you want to keep the volume of your lips, can use this method of correction. This procedure is performed a specialist of aesthetic medicine.



There are two types of transplants for lips:

  • Implant-based fiber Gore-tex® easily adapts to the structure of the lips. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. In the event of a problem or a negative for you, the implant can be easily removed.
  • The implant is in the form of silicone gel (Permalip®) is a relatively new technique that has been used less frequently.

In some cases, implants can cause infection. The final results are visible in about six months after surgery.

Before carrying out such procedures, we advise you to consult with a specialist. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of another doctor or surgeon to get his opinion. You should provide all prices, in addition they give you at least two weeks to have a good think.

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