Are you in moments of excitement to obsesively nails? The situation may be different. Tomorrow, for example, need to take the exam, and you didn’t read a single ticket. Or do you have to go prosthetics types and prices which you have not studied… And while your head is producing some thoughts on it, with hands disappears manicure. Familiar? Obsessive habit of biting your nails and cuticles is called hard – onychophagia. Although to get rid of it can be very easy.

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Change the behavior and manners

The desire to bite nails in times of stress comes from many. The most likely problem is troubling children and youth. This is not aesthetically pleasing and harmful to health. The fingertips can become red and inflamed, and the cuticle begins to bleed. Moreover, formed through at the hands of cracks and burrs you risk to put on a blood infection. And the nail-biting can disrupt their natural growth.

Let us return to the situation: are you worried about the upcoming prosthetics in St. Petersburg, and you’re waiting for the dentist, nervously nibbled away at nails. Out taking care of your smile, you risk to ruin the manicure.

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To get rid of onychophagia will help simple guidelines:

  1. Constantly check the condition of the nails. Time to cut them, make compresses and baths. Systematic care of your hands saves you from wanting to spoil their attractive appearance.
  2. Use lacquer, when doing a manicure. Men can choose transparent coating or simply to Polish the nails. Women are also encouraged to wear acrylic.
  3. Try pinching yourself whenever you catch yourself of this harmful habit. Eventually you get tired of feeling pain, and you will stop biting your finger tips.

And most importantly: learn to manage their emotions. Then you won’t need to be nervous, and it means to chew nails.

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