SoftRay омоложениеSkin aging and, in particular, face more and more concerned with contemporary women and men. The loss of volume and elasticity, wrinkles are forced to think seriously about how effective the fight against aging. Among the many methods becoming more and more popular procedure SoftRay – rejuvenation.

Dehydration is the main cause of skin aging. The lack of moisture has a negative impact on metabolism and regenerative properties of the skin, resulting in wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, sagging and dryness, loss of elasticity.

The purpose of SoftRay-rejuvenation is the maintenance and return of youthful skin. The effect of moisture, elasticity and freshness is achieved by introducing into the deeper layers of the skin combined with hyaluronic acid “SoftRay” with simultaneous stimulation of the production of endogenous GC, acceleration of regeneration and metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid fills the space between cells, attracts and retains moisture. It is not allergena as identical to that contained in the body.

When the procedure “SoftRay – rejuvenation” distribution of hyaluronic acid is absolutely evenly, which cannot be achieved when the injection method injection. Laser irradiation promotes the opening of transport channels through which the hyaluronic acid can easily penetrate into the dermis. Thanks to the joint work of biologically active substances and laser activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which further enhances the rejuvenating effect of the procedure. Important features of the method are absolute atraumatic and painless .

One of the first who appreciated this method became specialists beauty Studio Sergey Turchaninov and Olga Sarantseva. Offering innovative service to their customers, they unanimously said such positive things as:

  • improving elasticity and hydration,
  • smoothing out wrinkles,
  • the restoration of natural freshness and radiance.

The procedure will necessarily have to appeal to women and men after 25 years. It allows them to maintain the tone and smoothness of the skin, because at this age there is every chance prolong youth and long delay the use of more radical methods.

In the more Mature age application of Aftra-rejuvenation can significantly improve the functional condition of the skin, to start a process of its own synthesis of ha and collagen, to improve tissue metabolism, enhance cell regeneration, to restore moisture balance.

SoftRay rejuvenation” can be recommended as a rapid procedure before attending an important event, because hyaluronic acid is not only deep, but also on the surface of the skin, thus providing instant visible results, making the skin visibly rejuvenated and refreshed.

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