For several years many things have changed. And what we used to call the evening dress. And what is called parties. Ten years from now nothing will prevent to remember today’s party and laugh. But certainly will be and what we will continue to be beautiful.

Dress Code. In recent years the attitude towards the dress code has changed. And it’s definitely for the better. Now not necessarily painful to think when the words “black tie” on the invitation. In recent times, and the host stopped using complex abbreviations, preferring themed parties. Pajama party, cocktails poolside a la Studio 54 or evening in the style of Star Wars – always a good reason to include fantasy.

Stars & It-girls. To become the star of the party, now you don’t have to be someone. It-girls – it’s just girls that look like stars, thus interesting. First, secular chroniclers tried to call them that someone’s friends, students, until they invent a new definition. The status of the real stars has not been canceled. It is always interesting to watch, what to wear Sienna Miller, Christina Ricci, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Lily Allen and Kate moss.

High heels. The cult of beautiful shoes – the opportunity, is to thank for this TV series Sex in The City and personally Sarah Jessica Parker. Now to the party you can wear anything – even a fishing net, but the shoes must be ideal. Among the brands favorite stars Stewart Wetzman, Manolo Blahnic and Christian Louboutin. Brand latest red soles – were elected by a majority celebrities.

Face control. Nothing decorates a woman like Photoshope. In 2001, there is an alternative – correction with Botox came into Vogue. Younger-looking eyes celebrities made good advertising drug in America syringes and ampoules began to give guests at parties. Changed and gossip – fresh faces became much more. Victims of plastic surgery, do not count, though… how can you miss Donatella Versace? A consequence of the invention of Botox has become the fashion for the youth – the first or the second, not so important. Heroin chic and natural fatigue are gone, giving place to a child blush.

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