агар агар польза и вредAgar-agar, the benefits and harms which are frequently discussed on cooking forums, an interesting substance that deserves attention no less than other kitchen components of organic origin. He has strong gelling properties superior to the gelatin, allowing it to become component of a huge number of jellied dishes. But many are rightly concerned about a healthy lifestyle or those who questions the safety of those particular foods, worry not does agar-agar harm to the body, with such fashionable physical and chemical properties?

Agar-agar is a substance of organic nature, which is often used as a powerful thickener. It is obtained by extraction of red and brown algae of the White sea and the Pacific ocean. In the food composition agar-agar is to the rights of supplements labeled e, which means that it is safe and harmless substances.


Harm and negative properties

свойства агар агараHarm agar-agar – a concept very blurred. In General it is impossible to call this substance is harmful, toxic, bearing a negative impact on the body. But, like any other substance, even very useful recognized and completely safe, agar-agar can show their negative side if you are in the body of certain problems with excessive consumption.

Danger of agar-agar for the body indirectly. First of all, eating this substance in finished products and, especially, preparing individual dishes, for example, a thick jelly, marmalade, where it is the Central component, you should always remember about his origins. It is the extract of algae, which contain iodine. It can be absolutely contraindicated in diseases of the thyroid gland, stimulating its activity. If you have problems in its work, check with your doctor that you are not contraindicated iodinated products.

Due to high content of cellulose agar swells in the intestine and exerts a gentle laxative action by stimulating peristalsis. It may be helpful for people with digestive problems, with high acidity, irregular stool, but when used too much reverses the effect. A slight laxative effect changes diarrhea with subsequent bacterial overgrowth. It is not recommended to abuse the agar-agar to individuals with a heightened sensitivity of the intestines. To deal with problems of the gastrointestinal tract requires special tools as directed by your doctor and not to self-medicate with food additives.


The use of agar-agar

польза агар агараIn addition to the above positive effect on digestive and laxative action, agar-agar has established itself as an essential component of diet. Of course, not to do him worship and to follow the marmalade from the agar, if you need to get rid of cellulite and lose a few extra pounds. But you need to keep in mind some of its properties that might be useful for those who dream of a slim figure.

When all physical and chemical properties, agar-agar has no nutritional value – it has no calories, so by itself it is harmless for the figure. However, this does not mean that confectionery and other products based on agar-agar also have zero calories. They include sugars and other substances that “wind” is a figure of the energy value. If you prepare your own jelly made from agar-agar, you can be assured of the low caloric content of the final product. It is an indispensable substance for diabetics who can eat products based on it, not worrying about the increase of sugar level in the blood.

Being primarily a great prebiotic, agar-agar is able to influence the microflora that inhabit the intestines. Intestinal health is not limited to the gastro-intestinal tracts. A well-balanced microflora is the key to a strong immune system and good the body’s resistance to external aggressions. Once in the intestine, agar-agar stimulates the microflora against pathogenic bacteria, keeping the right balance.

Once in the stomach, agar-agar binds the fat coming from food, not allowing them to be absorbed and, consequently, to be deposited in problem areas.

Agar reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, able to rid the body of heavy metals and other toxic elements. In addition, it decreases the acidity of gastric juice, which has a positive effect on the condition of people who suffer it high level and heartburn. For bowel laxative effect of agar-agar is characterized by the fact that the substance is not flushes the body the vitamins and minerals that is characteristic of many laxatives, including herbal origin.

Should not eat more in a day 4-5 g of agar-agar, in order not to provoke the side effects of bowel. If you follow this rule, the use of agar-agar for you will surpass him harm.

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