Style does not age and weight. The whole world lies in this word, but whatever it was, the essence of it always remains individual and unique image. Be stylish – it means to be free from others ‘ opinions and prejudices.

What makes a woman a stylish? Let us breathe deeply and try to learn how to create a stylish way what it consists of.
Стильная штучка. Кто она?3
Some basic things like dress, jeans and t-shirt can cost quite a bit. But do not skimp on accessories. They fully complete and effective to accentuate the image. You will agree that a simple dress will become more prominent with any let and unpretentious designer handbag, than with the «shopping bag» incomprehensible style and quality. It is for accessories impression about the presence of taste and, accordingly, the style of their owner.

100% guarantee of success – quality and natural fabrics. You should pay attention to the structure of the fabric chosen things, the minimum number of natural fibers – 80%.
Things worth buying with the mind, giving preference to classical models. Female clothes should be traditional in the world of fashion, such basic items as:

  • coats and leather jacket
  • fitted jacket
  • white shirt
  • little black dress
  • jeans, pants-pencil
  • the pencil skirt.

The necessary condition is the high quality of the above items of clothing.

Pay attention to the jewelry. In the Arsenal of stylish things preferably the presence of these pleasant things from Accessories, Swarovski and Tiffany&Co, but nobody cancelled and precious metals. When choosing a costume jewellery be extremely careful and beware of imitations.

Don’t say «no» second-хендам. Sometimes they offer genuine and branded clothes for ridiculous money. But just don’t jump from happiness, having found such a treasure to the knower and the cunning seller doesn’t make you pay for it 10 times more.

Worthy of attention and to young aspiring designers, still have not received wide dissemination of. They have a clear and modern idea of creating a stylish look.

Expensive shops during the sales season will be the Klondike gold with quite reasonable prices. So be always on the alert.
Стильная штучка. Кто она?1
Many famous designers and fashion designers began to work hand in hand with democratic brands as Adidas, for example. So you just need to follow the results of such cooperation.

Well, and the budget option in search of original and stylish attire will be converted into the old stuff. This is a great way to relieve the closet and get обновками.

Article publication date: November 13, 2013

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