Александр МаккуинThe fashion industry in the UK is always different from the continental European. While France and Italy showed the world elegance, luxury, comfort, high style with the new прочтениями female and male images, British couturier included imagination and created fashion, неподвластную conservative society. One of them was Alexander McQueen, who lived a short and vivid life, entered the history as one of the most influential and most picturesque designers of the new time.


Understanding the foundations of

Alexander McQueen was born in 1969 in London, in a family where beside him was another five children. Mom was in the house, my father worked in the taxi, and the family lived, to put it mildly, very wealthy life. Being the youngest child, McQueen decided to take on some of the worries about my sisters and began to sew dresses for them. Lesson so fascinated him that he decided to dedicate their entire life.

In England there was no shortage of venues where young talents can receive theoretical knowledge and honing them in practice. Alexander McQueen entered in Central St. Martins College, having received a worthy academic education. Its final work furor, and the young designer was quickly enlisted in the ranks of the most promising names in the fashion industry in the UK.

After graduation McQueen entered the disciples to the masters of the Savile row – the one, in which were made suits for London dandy in the nineteenth century. Having received an excellent base for tailoring skill, Alexander made his first steps as an assistant held designers. First, he collaborated with the Japanese designer koji TATSUNO, who worked in London, then moved to Milan to Romeo Gigli. Its cooperation with these brands was not accidental – McQueen went his way, which he has set for itself, even as a young apprentice named.

He learned the basics of skill creation male costume but it is not attracted classics as what you can devote your life. Its complex nature, wild temperament and unconventional look at the clothes carried him to other forms, geometry, architectural design, characteristic of Japanese fashion and some avant-artists. In 1992 there was a brand of Alexander McQueen, designer, with varying success, combined with works for the good of other brands.


Successes and failures

The continued success of collections McQueen has urged the leadership of the French house of Givenchy invite him to the post of creative Director of the brand. In 1995 Affairs withdrew its founder Hubert de Givenchy, lasted only a year cooperation of the brand with the British by John Galliano. McQueen stayed in Givenchy exactly five years, failed his first collection, constantly fussed with the management staff of the brand and, finally left it in 2001, having decided to develop its own line.

From 1996 to 2003, he four times been recognized as the best British designer of the year, was named the Commander of the order of the British Empire, in the 2003 received from the American Council of Fashion Designers title of International designer of the year.

In the UK in the beginning of the Millennium was born a real cult of personality of Alexander McQueen, strange, rebellious, demanding «enfant terrible» of the new era. He would not put up with the conservatism of the world fashion in which little real creators, and more people working on the order of fickle public. It can hardly be seen as a fashion designer, he was a real artist with all peculiar genius depression and hysterical. Quarrelsome scandalous, McQueen became the favorite designer celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Lady Gaga. It looked more like a fashion shows and theatrical performances, because his idea of pret-a-porter were consistent with generally accepted vision of the «ready-made».


A new page of Alexander Mcqueen

McQueen showed their collection in London and Milan, his nominal boutiques worked around the world, he released the women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. All ended unexpectedly and tragically: in February 2010, the designer was found dead in his apartment. It was a suicide, the final cause of which remain outstanding. Someone has rightly writes off this fatal step depression after the death of his mother, who died a week before, the other called among the possible factors of the financial collapse of the designer, who discovered the multimillion debts. After the death of the creative designer McQueen his house was Sarah Burton, which carefully keeps the traditions laid down by the Creator in the aesthetics of the Alexander McQueen brand.

In 2011, Kate Middleton marriage with Prince William. To the altar future Duchess of Cambridge was in the elegant dress, Alexander Mcqueen, created for her Sarah Burton. In 2012 Burton became a holder of the Order of the British Empire for merits before the British fashion industry. This is a perfect proof that brand into good hands.

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