альгинатная маска в домашних условияхLooking good is a natural desire of every woman, and above all to maintain the beauty it is important to keep the skin supple and soft, without wrinkles and other defects. Alginate mask at home is one of the efficient tools to become more beautiful, to keep the youth and freshness of the skin, tighten facial contours. Make a mask yourself is a snap.


Features masks

The main active ingredient alginate masks sodium alginate. This salt of alginic acid has amazing properties that have been discovered in the study of marine algae.

Molecules of sodium alginate can bind water molecules. When mixing this salt with water gives a gel-like mass, rich with nutrients contained in the algae. This gel is very well distributed in the skin, filling the entire surface, nourishing the skin and moisturizing it. After several minutes, the gel hardens in air: the skin under the mask is tightened, it becomes more elastic.

Typically, alginate mask is used in combination with various anti-aging and moisturizing serums. The application of alginate mask on top of the healing serum intensifies its effect, helping the skin to more actively metabolize the active ingredients contained in cosmetics. The effect of applying masks usually visible after the first procedure – the skin becomes smooth, soft and well moisturized. But for best results, recommended courses of 5-15 treatments at intervals of three days to a week.

In addition, alginate mask industrial production is often supplemented by various healing compounds and beneficial ingredients, which are designed to improve the skin condition. These additives affect how the mask acts on the skin. For example, the addition of collagen helps to improve skin turgor. Vitamin C improves the complexion and fights dark spots. Chitosan provides additional moisturizing dry skin. Herbal extracts soothe, sucking on, give tone, refresh and nourish the skin.

Beauticians in salons usually use ready gel masks of industrial production. Their important advantage is the ease of use and a fixed curing time. Somewhat less frequently used masks made from alginate powder with addition of diatomite (a substance which is extracted from the shells of some species of protozoa) and water or a special serum.

Powders for the preparation of alginate masks are well stored in a dry place. They can endlessly experiment, adding to the masks certain nutrients.

Alginate mask is produced by many cosmetic companies, but to buy a similar tool, you can not everywhere. As a rule, to buy alginate masks is better to go in the shops of professional cosmetics. Mask powder come in small sachets 10-15 mg or in large packages. The last option, designed for professional use, as a rule, much more profitable.



The most important thing in the preparation of alginate masks to act quickly, because the powder when mixed with water turns into a gel, which quickly solidifies. It is best to measure out the required amount of ingredients, then mix them with a spatula in a convenient container. It is most convenient to pour the liquid (mineral water or with a special serum) in powder, but not pour the powder into the water.

Be sure and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations masks on, in what proportions it is necessary to mix the powder with water.

Different firms have different diluted powder, adding to the alginate other nutrients, so the methods for preparing the masks may vary slightly.

For thinning masks are usually recommended to use mineral water. But this is not the only option. Sometimes for cultivation of masks used healing serum or extracts of medicinal plants. But such options for the most daring experimenters, since it is never possible to predict how successful is the combination of varying liquid alginate powder.

Much more effective is spray applied to the skin under various algae mask moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging compounds. Since the mask does not give useful substances to evaporate, they are maximally absorbed in the skin under the mask.


Rules of application

First, the face should be thoroughly cleaned. After that, it applied if necessary active ingredients, for example, healing serum or mixture of oils. Eyebrows and eyelashes are preferably lubricated with oil or fat cream to avoid sticking alginate gel. Then comes the turn of the mask itself. Best used for applying silicone spatula. Apply the mask quickly, massaging gently.

The biggest challenge is that to impose the mask on the face is necessary in the supine position. To do this is not easy, especially at first, don’t have enough skill.

Some varieties of masks are applied to the whole face including the eye area and lips. Other masks are not applied on the eyelids and lips. But in any case before applying the mask, it is desirable to test for allergic reactions. This procedure is standard: you need to apply a small amount of gel (it should be mixed separately in the mini quantity specifically for this test) on the skin behind the ear or in the crook of his elbow. If within a couple of hours on the skin no irritation occurs, then the mask can be safely used.

A face mask leave for 20-40 minutes. During this time you need to relax, without straining your facial muscles. It is not recommended to read or talk.

After the due date mask is necessary to remove from the face. The frozen gel is reminiscent to the touch rubber and can be easily removed from the skin in one movement. It now remains to wipe the skin tonic and grease regular cream, and the procedure can be considered complete.

Dmitry Anokhin

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