альгинатные маскиOn the shelves of beauty shops today you can find almost any tool. The industry, the cosmetics is moving forward by leaps and bounds, scientists are constantly discovering new, highly efficient components, assemble them in the appropriate combinations and offer us innovative means to preserve the beauty and health of our skin. A few years ago most of us had no idea about what is alginate mask, but today this kind of masks a lot of fans and range of alginate masks is constantly updated with new items.


What is alginate mask

The main active ingredient alginate masks, as is clear from their name, – alginates, i.e. salts of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements. In fact, alginate is a polysaccharide multimolecular.

Alginate masks can achieve a truly impressive result, alginates enhance tissue, smooth wrinkles, refresh skin color.

Most often the main component of the alginate mask is Algin or sodium salt of alginate acid, this component is derived from seaweed. Gypsum is another component, without which no cost, no algae mask. When mixed with water or gel water-based, these two components form a hydrocolloid gel, in which are concentrated all the nutrients that subsequently end up in the skin.

The unique alginate mask, firstly, is that the active ingredients included in their composition, can be obtained only from one type of seaweed, brown algae. Secondly, the alginates contain hyaluronic acid, an element essential for skin beauty. This acid attracts moisture to the cells of the epidermis, and good hydration is always fresh, elastic and beautiful skin.

Alginate masks can be bought in pharmacies or in specialized stores, as a rule, consumers were offered two types of masks: mask a gel-like consistency completely ready, masks in powder form before use, dilute with water. Beauticians instead of water is recommended to use special serum or mineral water.

Alginate mask is very soluble in water, which in turn contributes to rapid and effective hydration of the skin and saturate it with oxygen.

Marine algae stimulate the production of collagen, increase the skin elasticity and supply our skin with all necessary minerals and trace elements.

Alginate mask is also called modeling or plasticizing masks, because the field of application of the finished mask on the skin, the composition quickly solidifies, taking the contours of the face, while the mask retains flexibility and does not cause discomfort. After a time the mask is easily removed.

Alginate mask suitable for any skin type, from dry to Mature, and the mask of marine algae are used not only for facial, algae body wraps are also widely used in anti-cellulite programs. Salt from seaweed, the main but not sole components of the alginate masks, the composition of these funds include a variety of natural ingredients, Botanical extracts, clays, essential oils and so on. Depending on the complementary elements, the effect of alginate masks aimed at solving certain skin problems, but regardless of the composition of any algae mask provides excellent hydration, tightens the skin, improves circulation, reduces swelling and soothes.


Types of alginate masks

  • Basic algae mask: this mask consists of alginates, without special additions, this universal formula is completely hypoallergenic and safe.
  • Alginate mask with chitosan: the mask has a slight, but quite noticeable effect of lifting, in addition also has a deep moisturizing effect.
  • Alginate mask with chlorophyll: chlorophyll is present only in green plants, masks, enriched by this component contributes to the saturation of skin cells with oxygen.
  • Mask with collagen: everything is clear, collagen, natural component of our skin, but with age, its level decreases, which negatively affects the elasticity of the skin. Alginates in combination with collagen aims to improve skin elasticity.
  • Alginate mask with ginger: this mask reduces inflammation and cleans the skin from all kinds of dirt.
  • Alginates with ascorbic acid (vitamin C): in this case, the product aims to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, even skin tone and improve its tone.

Alginate mask is shown under the following conditions and skin problems:

  • The first signs of aging
  • Small shallow wrinkles
  • Unhealthy complexion, with grayish or yellowish tint
  • Enlarged pores
  • Excessive dryness of the skin
  • Hypersecretion of sebaceous glands
  • Acne and pimples
  • Skin inflammation, redness of the skin
  • Lowering the tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Swelling of the face

Side effects and contraindications of the alginate masks is almost none. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to one or more components of the mask.

Alginates themselves do not cause allergic reactions, but related components, for example, ginger can cause allergies.

The effectiveness of alginate masks proven by experts of different profiles, resulting from the use of such masks, the skin is oxygenated and vitamins, gets more fresh and healthy complexion; leaves dry and tired skin, improves skin elasticity, decreases its sensitivity, normalizes sebum production.


The advantages and disadvantages of alginate masks

Advantages of these masks are in a variety of formulas and their multifunctionality. Different combinations of ingredients with the obligatory presence of alginates are shown for different skin types, dry, oily, normal and problematic. Alginate mask is easy to use, simply apply the mask on your face and after the allotted time remove.

Deficiencies in alginate masks almost none. Remember that the masks are high quality are very expensive, so be careful if you are offered an alginate products at a low price – high risk of buying fakes.


How to use alginate masks

Beauticians recommend to take a course alwatany masks in the cabin, where in combination with such masks it is possible to use additional procedures, however, alginate mask, it is quite possible to do at home.

  • First of all, prepare the skin. Remove makeup and cleanse skin using a mild scrub. Don’t forget that the scrub should not be used too often, no more than twice a week.
  • On eyebrows and eyelashes, apply a greasy cream, so you prevent staining and even loss of hair that can cause the components of the mask.
  • At this stage you should apply an additional base, the fact that the alginates increase the permeability of the skin, thereby increasing the flow of nutrients into the deeper layers of cells. Under the mask you can apply a vegetable oil, a cosmetic emulsion or serum, selected in accordance with skin type.
  • Now for cooking the mask. If you purchased a ready-made mask in the form of gel, just apply it on the face. Powder the mask should be pre-diluted with water, instead of plain water it is better to use mineral or micellar. As a result, you should get the mask is thick and creamy.
  • Using a spatula evenly apply the mask on face, avoiding eye area and mouth. Apply a mask following the massage lines, from the chin to the ears, from the middle of the forehead to the temples and so on.
  • Take a horizontal position and wait until the mask hardens. After about 10 minutes you will feel the skin, it is quite normal.
  • After half an hour, start to remove the mask. Remove the mask very easy, it is removed as a film. Remove the mask, moving from the chin up.
  • After removing the mask be sure to apply a face cream that you usually use.

Alginate mask is getting mostly positive reviews, after the first application, many people notice a positive result, however, the maximum effect can be achieved only by regular and systematic use of alginate masks.

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