Beautiful well-groomed hands – this is one of the advantages of a modern woman. And no ornaments do not paint the hands as a beautiful, neat and healthy nails. In any employment self-respecting lady will find time to pay attention to their hands.
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Nails require a caring attitude. The care can be carried out in specialized salons where experienced craftsmen using modern tools and equipment make certain procedures and at home.
Особенности ухода за ногтями2
For self-care of nails required certain rules, which should not be neglected, namely:

  • Nail care should be done regularly, as running harder is handled manicure at home.
  • As a tool, use a good quality manicure set, which must be a good pliers, a tweezers, curved and conventional scissors, the blade and cutting the cuticle, a few nail files.
  • In the Arsenal should always be sanitizers and manicure kit in case of cuts: hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, solution of furatsilin, iodine.
  • For feeding, hydration and treatment of hands and nails, used personal cosmetics, chosen according to skin type and nail plate (creams, oils, masks, etc.), you need to consult a specialist and make the right choice of pharmacological or cosmetic products.
  • Not to forget that useful mask, rubbing and massaging is very useful for hands and nails. Platinum to strengthen the nail and give it a healthy appearance will help healing baths with sea salt.
  • Varnish and liquid for removing it must be acetone free, as it ruins the enamel of the nail and dries the nail plate, the nail which leads to shedding and flaking.

Healthy nails are usually pink, they are resilient, and robust at the same time. But under the influence of external environmental factors, unhealthy lifestyle or malnutrition, the structure of the nail is deteriorating, and they have an unhealthy appearance. If nails are sick, so it hurts the man himself.

Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья

To improve the quality of health you want to improve the quality and lifestyle. Proper and healthy diet is necessary for the whole body, including the nails. To strengthen and nourish the nails you need to include in the diet foods that contain vitamins, micro and macro elements: vitamins a, b, E, iodine, calcium, iron and many other useful items. Drafting table products and their content will help quickly and to choose the right products that are needed to maintain the body.

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