миндальный пилингThe skin was soft and smooth, it is necessary to regularly exfoliate the upper hardened layer with a peeling. Owners of sensitive and delicate skin it is best to choose a gentle almond exfoliation that gently cares for the skin and does not injure him. The person after the procedure looks young and fresh.


Mandelic acid

Fragrant almond nuts are familiar to all. Amateur beauty treatments are often used also obtained from these nuts almond oil, which is considered one of the best remedies for skin care. But the almond acid known to few.

Almond, or, as it is known by chemists, hydroxyphenylglycol acid is contained in the kernels of almonds and some fruits. This substance has antiseptic properties: to open the antibiotic funds mandelic acid find use in the treatment of urinary infections. Today acid is widely used in cosmetology. It has a number of advantages before other fruit acids, for example, suitable even for those who can not tolerate glycolic or retinoic acid. Peeling with almond acid does not cause discomfort and is easily tolerated by patients. After the procedure, the face doesn’t look swollen, the skin is not red – it is possible right from beautician to go to the party without fear to scare others with their views.


Features almond acid

Hydroxyphenylglycol acid has keratolytic effect, i.e. stimulates the process of active exfoliate dead skin cells. The skin is refreshed and begins to actively produce collagen, which, in turn, gives the skin elasticity and firmness. These properties almond acid make it the ideal tool for chemical peels.

Importantly, unlike many other acids, almond affects the skin very gently. Along with milk, almond peeling shown even to owners of very sensitive skin. The procedure is suitable even for people suffering from rosacea. Peeling can be carried out not only in the cold season, but even in spring and summer, when the chemical peels are generally not recommended. This is because mandelic acid has no photosensitizing effect, i.e. does not increase skin sensitivity to UV, and the risk of hyperpigmentation after almond peeling is very small.

Mandelic acid effectively smoothes the surface of the skin, cleansing the pores of blackheads.

Peeling with this acid will improve the condition of oily skin prone to rashes. The procedure will help to get rid of a pink acne, folliculitis, seborrhea oleosa. Traces of acne will become less noticeable, comedones (black dots that bring so much trouble to women with problem skin) will disappear. The skin becomes elastic, its turgor increase, and small wrinkles disappear. Almond peeling slightly tightens enlarged pores, evens out skin tone, gets rid of freckles and age spots. The complexion is improved by improving the blood circulation of the skin.



The list of contraindications small. It includes:

  • individual intolerance almond acid or other components that are part of the preparation for peeling;
  • damage to the skin on the face is open wounds, scrapes, abrasions, highly inflamed pus formation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diseases accompanied by fever and elevated temperature;
  • exacerbation of herpes;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun.


The procedure

Beauticians recommend before peeling to conduct special training. She is in regular use during the week creams with almond acid. In addition, it is necessary to periodically gel with fruit acids to even skin. Thus the skin is prepared for the impact almond acid, and to achieve the desired result requires a shorter course of treatment.

Just before peeling the skin clear of makeup and impurities and process tonic. Then put on the face of the so-called “prefiling a special gel with a small almond, fruit or lactic acid.

The next stage is the application of hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid. Its concentration depends on the skin type and can range from thirty to sixty percent. In some cases, to resolve certain skin problems, mandelic acid is combined with other components. For example, with lactic acid to improve skin elasticity and smooth fine lines or lemon to lighten skin and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.

In the treatment of acne or seborrhea to almond acid is sometimes added small amounts of alcohol.

The duration of the procedure varies from three minutes (if the peeling is carried out for the first time, and the skin is very sensitive) to half an hour. After that, the skin is treated with a special Converter that stops “working” almond acid. In some cases, however, there is a simple wash in cool water – mandelic acid is not involved with her reaction.

After this update soothe the skin with a moisturizing mask. Well, if the mask contains soothing components, for example, extracts of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, aloe, calendula. Twenty minutes later, the mask is washed off, and applied to the skin cream.

Within one week after the procedure, you need to carefully protect the skin from the sun, moisturize it, to refuse the use of aggressive care cosmetics. After that, the peeling can (and in most cases should) be repeated. The course usually consists of several procedures, in which the skin becomes smooth and rejuvenated.

Maria Bykova

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