Some women suit long nails, but not all, and any girl they will look beautiful. So do not believe that a manicure is a prerequisite of female beauty, as it is written in fashion magazines, because a manicure is a business.

But if you are one of those who for harmony is not enough long nails, you first need to find a good salon, and it is good and not expensive, since the practice shows that Moscow is not always high value is an indicator of quality.

Truly beautiful a woman feels in a dress or skirt. In the autumn, spring and winter can wear skirts and even dresses, selecting the type of Materia, as well as the thickness of the tights. The best option would be tear-resistant tights reviews which you can find in the store. The main thing that should be remembered, a woman should remain a woman. The manicure and skirt, and heels.

How to find a good nail salon

In large cities, and especially in the capital city nail salons have multiplied so much that no matter what part of town you are in your field of vision is always bound to be one of them. But, as you probably already know, quality does not depend on the cost and show-off, and what masters they work for. For example, in Moscow very common approach when manicures recruited from the provinces, and even from Central Asia, and pay them a pittance, and the prices Jack up to the ceiling. Usually clients go from there after the first visit, but new are always.
Золотой маникюр
Of course, there are salons that do offer a high level of service for the price, but such units. A good craftsman can work in the cabin of an average price category, as one who loves his job makes it not for money but for the soul.

So, you have three ways to search salon: personal experience, friends and reviews online, which one to choose, you decide)

How to understand what style of nails for me

There are two basic nails design is rectangular and rounded, as well as several types of length. Then comes the choice of pattern: may be
just any color
Гелевые ногти 3
Since all of this is a reflection of the inner world of the carriers, she can choose the guy who she likes at the moment, and the change of mood to want another, which is quite normal.

Might not pay and deal with the nails?

It’s a decent solution, since in our world all you need to do on their own, and in the case of manicures, indeed, in other cases there is a feeling that the cabin did the same, that could be done at home and free.

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