Many women dream about an elegant ring or other decoration with precious stone. The stones are not only an indicator of beauty and wealth, but also have a special power that is inherent in each of them.
Янтарь - камень здоровья, подаренный природой1
One of the oldest gems is amber. But today there are many imitations of this nugget and amber buy that is not the result of industrial production, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Amber is a petrified tree resin, which age reaches tens of millions of years. Depending on the wood, resin, who served as the source material, he meets different shades. A common misconception that Yantar should be yellow or approximate to it. There are about two hundred species.

This stone retains and increases energy, carries the medical properties, which is important and necessary for sick people, pregnant and exhausted. Salutarily influences a stone on the work of internal organs, nervous system, and prevents diseases many of them. But often, making a purchase, have to deal with unscrupulous dealers who issue behind a fake amber.

Is not recommended to buy precious things in the markets or individuals, where the probability of cheating is very high. The best option would be specialized shops that have earned a good reputation and bear some responsibility for the goods. The staff will provide all necessary information about the product and help with choice.
Янтарь - камень здоровья, подаренный природой
The stone is not a homogeneous texture. Often in the middle of the observed drop of frozen air or particles of nature. This does not always determine its authenticity, as modern masters learned skillfully simulate all the nuances of its genuineness.
Amber is a part of nature, which carries a charge of health, necessary for each of us.

Article publication date: November 26, 2013

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